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     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 44, 5



Date: May 2011


Regular Articles





Initial orientation of inertial navigation system realized through nonlinear modeling and filtering
Pages 793-801
Jamshaid Ali, M. Rasheeq Ullah Baig Mirza




Impact of sensor characteristics on source characterization for dispersion modeling
Pages 802-814
Luna M. Rodriguez, Sue Ellen Haupt, George S. Young




Measurement involving human perception and interpretation
Pages 815-822
Giovanni B. Rossi, Birgitta Berglund




Miniature low-power IR monitor for methane detection
Pages 823-831
Liu Jun, Tan Qiulin, Zhang Wendong, Xue Chenyang, Guo Tao, Xiong Jijun




Effect of probe size and measurement strategies on assessment of freeform profile deviations using coordinate measuring machine
Pages 832-841
G. Rajamohan, M.S. Shunmugam, G.L. Samuel




An improved lead wire compensation technique for conventional four wire resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
Pages 842-846
S.K. Sen, T.K. Pan, P. Ghosal




Polarization Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber sensor embedded in carbon composite for structural health monitoring
Pages 847-851
Harneet V. Thakur, Sandipan M. Nalawade




An electromagnetic localization method for medical micro-devices based on adaptive particle swarm optimization with neighborhood search
Pages 852-858
Xudong Guo, Cheng Wang, Rongguo Yan




High-resolution imaging of dielectric profiles by using a time-domain ultra wideband radar sensor  Original Research Article
Pages 859-870
Mohd Z. Abdullah, Saed A. Binajjaj, Tareq F. Zanoon, Anthony J. Peyton




A simple four-point-bending setup for measurement of mechanical stress on silicon field-effect transistors
Pages 871-874
Ting-Kuo Kang




Study of an efficient temperature measurement for an industrial bioreactor
Pages 875-880
Minghui Hu, Fuzhen Xuan, Shan-Tung Tu, Chunming Xia, Hongdong Zhu, Huihe Shao




Investigation on the swirlmeter performance in low pressure wet gas flow
Pages 881-887
Chenquan Hua, Yanfeng Geng




Free knot recursive B-spline for compensation of nonlinear smart sensors
Pages 888-894
Xin Wang, Guo Wei, Jinwei Sun




Psoriasis image identification using k-means clustering with morphological processing
Pages 895-905
Li-Hong Juang, Ming-Ni Wu




Surface characterisation by parameter-based technique, slicing method and PSD analysis
Pages 906-916
. Czifra, T. Goda, E. Garbayo




Intelligent fuzzy weighted input estimation method for the forces generated by an operating rotating machine
Pages 917-926
Ming-Hui Lee, Tsung-Chien Chen




Sensitivity and analysis GPS signals based bridge damage using GPS observations and wavelet transform
Pages 927-937
Mosbeh R. Kaloop, Hui Li




Magneto-transport properties of Fe-doped LSMO manganites
Pages 938-945
Leena Joshi, Sunita Keshri




A performance evaluation method for EMI sheet of metal mountable HF RFID tag
Shih-Kang Kuo, Jen-Yung Hsu, Yung-Hsiung Hung




Influence of blockage and shape of a bluff body on the performance of vortex flowmeter with wall pressure measurement
Pages 954-964
A. Venugopal, Amit Agrawal, S.V. Prabhu




Measurement of human response to tactile temperature sensing using stochastic system identification
Pages 965-975
T. Eusner, M. Cullinan, C. Ruggiero, N. Zarrouati, A. Chepko




Investigation of dynamics-induced errors of long line scale calibration systems
Pages 976-987
A. Jakstas, S. Kausinis, R. Barauskas, A. Kasparaitis, A. Barakauskas




A virtual machine-based uncertainty evaluation for a traceable areal surface texture measuring instrument
Pages 988-993
Claudiu L. Giusca, Richard K. Leach, Alistair B. Forbes




Study of small size wavelet transform processor and wavelet inverse-transform processor using SAW devices
Pages 994-999
Wenke Lu, Changchun Zhu, Jingduan Zhang, Chengqi Shi, Xiao zhou L



Technical Note




Surface roughness measurement in turning carbon steel AISI 1045 using wiper inserts

Pages 1000-1005
A. Esteves Correia, J. Paulo Davim





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