Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 44/8



Date: October 2011




Analysis of aged CD-R: From optical HF signal defects to digital errors
Pages 1329-1336
Jean-Michel Lambert, Jacques Perdereau


Regular Articles



Viscosity and working efficiency analysis of soybean oil based bio-lubricants
Pages 1337-1341
Chen-Ching Ting, Chien-Chih Chen




A new process damping model for chatter vibration
Pages 1342-1348
Erol Turkes, Sezan Orak, Suleyman Neseli, Suleyman Yaldiz




Graphic supervisory control of an automatic optical inspection for LED properties
Pages 1349-1360
Rong-Fong Fung, Chih-Yu Yang, Ching-Tsung Lai




Novel non-contact and non-attached technique for detecting sports motion
Pages 1361-1366
Koichi Kurita




Analysis of optical linear encoders’ errors under vibration at different mounting conditions
Pages 1367-1380
J. López, M. Artés, I. Alejandre




INRiM contributions in the characterization and certification of reference materials
Pages 1381-1388
Francesca Durbiano, Elena Amico di Meane, Luigi Bergamaschi, Chiara Boveri, Laura Giordani, Michela Sega




Autonomous mobile robot navigation system designed in dynamic environment based on transferable belief model
Pages 1389-1405
Wang Yaonan, Yang Yimin, Yuan Xiaofang, Zuo Yi, Zhou Yuanli, Yin Feng, Tan Lei




LabVIEW application for computer simulation of the conversion technique of dual-slope analog-to-digital converter
Pages 1406-1411
Andrzej Odon, Zbigniew Krawiecki




Measurement evaluations of static and low frequency magnetic fields in the near field region
Pages 1412-1421
Saba A. Hanna, Yuichi Motai, Walter Varhue, Steve Titcomb




The GUM, Bayesian inference and the observation and measurement equations
Pages 1422-1435
A.B. Forbes, J.A. Sousa




Measurement technique for the on-line detection of fines in a fluidized bed
Pages 1436-1440
Jennifer McMillan, Matthew Dawe, Cedric Briens, Franco Berruti




New approach to metamerism measurement on halftone color images
Pages 1441-1447
Igor Zjakic, Djurdjica Parac-Osterman, Irena Bates




Lifetime prediction of low infrared emissivity coatings in 3 wt% NaCl solution
Pages 1448-1452
Xiaoxing Yan, Guoyue Xu




Characterization of electrical sags and swells using higher-order statistical estimators
Pages 1453-1460
Agustín Agüera-Pérez, José Carlos Palomares-Salas, Juan José González de la Rosa, José María Sierra-Fernández, Daniel Ayora-Sedeño, Antonio Moreno-Muñoz




Analysis of interlaboratory comparisons affected by correlations of the reference standards and drift of the travelling standards
Pages 1461-1467
Mercede Bergoglio, Andrea Malengo, Domenico Mari




Utilizing a simple and reliable method to investigate the optical functions of small molecular organic films – Alq3 and Gaq3 as examples
Pages 1468-1474
Fahmi Fariq Muhammad, Khaulah Sulaiman




Digital communication signals identification using an efficient recognizer
Pages 1475-1481
A. Ebrahimzadeh, H. Azimi, S.A. Mirbozorgi




Magneto-sensor circuit efficiency incremented by Fourier-transformation
Pages 1482-1486
A.H.I. Talukdar, A.N. Useinov, M.M. Hussain




Comparison of the extrapolation precision of sequential and conventional standard addition calibrations
Pages 1487-1490
Richard J.C. Brown






Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



Uncooled Infraerd Cameras and Detectors



CMOS Image Sensors 2010 report





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