Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 44/9



Date: November 2011




An improved two-tier L-L method for characterizing symmetrical microwave test fixtures
Pages 1491-1498
J.E. Zúñiga-Juárez, J.A. Reynoso-Hernández, J.R. Loo-Yau, M.C. Maya-Sánchez




Intelligent monitoring and diagnosis for modern mechanical equipment based on the integration of embedded technology and FBGS technology
Pages 1499-1511
ZuDe Zhou, Quan Liu, QingSong Ai, Cheng Xu



Design and construction of a prototype gamma-ray densitometer for petroleum products monitoring applications
Pages 1512-1515
M. Khorsandi, S.A.H. Feghhi



Noise floor and dynamic range analysis of a microwave attenuation measurement receiver from 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz
Pages 1516-1525
T.Y. Wu, S.W. Chua, Y.L. Lu



Generalized expressions of second and third order for the evaluation of standard measurement uncertainty
Pages 1526-1530
M.A.F. Martins, R. Requião, R.A. Kalid



Phase distortion analysis and passive demodulation for pipeline safety system based on Jones matrix modeling
Pages 1531-1538
Hao Feng, Shijiu Jin, Yang An, Zhoumo Zeng, Zhigang Qu



Comparison between two different designs in the AC voltage measurement
Pages 1539-1542
Rasha S.M. Ali



Innovation based two-interval overlap test for failure prediction in measurement systems
Pages 1543-1550
Chingiz Hajiyev




Influence of capacitance characteristic on IV measurement of dye-sensitized solar cells
Pages 1551-1555
Hanmin Tian, Jiyuan Zhang, Xiangyan Wang, Tao Yu, Zhigang Zou



Method for cylindricity error evaluation using Geometry Optimization Searching Algorithm
Pages 1556-1563
Xianqing Lei, Hongwei Song, Yujun Xue, Jishun Li, Jia Zhou, Mingde Duan




Attached self-lifting scaffolds synchronous movements measuring method and device based on transmitted light of optoelectronic measurement
Pages 1564-1571
Guangxiang Yang, Ardianto Notodirdjo



A simplified signal analysis algorithm for the development of a low cost underwater echo-sounder
Pages 1572-1581
Shou-Chih Lou, Ru-Min Chao, Shih-Hong Ko, Kuan-Miao Lin, Jia-Xuan Zhong



Rolling element bearing fault detection based on optimal antisymmetric real Laplace wavelet
Pages 1582-1591
Kun Feng, Zhinong Jiang, Wei He, Qiang Qin



Autonomous algorithm for relative error of generalized flow meters in tree topology
Pages 1592-1597
Jingtao Guo, Zhigang Jin



A novel type compact five-coordinate measuring machine with laser and CCD compound probe
Pages 1598-1605
Z.G. Fei, J.J. Guo, X.J. Ma, D.Z. Gao



Analytical techniques used for the evaluation of a 19th century quranic manuscript conditions
Pages 1606-1617
Gomaa Abdel-Maksoud



Computerized measurement stands for testing static and dynamic electrical contact welding
Pages 1618-1627
P. Borkowski, E. Walczuk



Monitoring system of buildings with high vulnerability in presence of slow ground deformations (The Campi Flegrei, Italy, case)
Pages 1628-1644
F. Pingue, S.M. Petrazzuoli, F. Obrizzo, U. Tammaro, P. De Martino, G. Zuccaro



Nickel particle-based self-sensing pavement for vehicle detection
Pages 1645-1650
Baoguo Han, Kun Zhang, Xun Yu, Eil Kwon, Jinping Ou



Optimum design method of multi-axis force sensor integrated in humanoid robot foot system
Pages 1651-1660
Baoyuan Wu, Jianfei Luo, Fei Shen, Yang Ren, Zhongcheng Wu




Experimental assessment of the effects of cross-traffic on Wi-Fi video streaming
Pages 1661-1668
Leopoldo Angrisani, Konstantinos G. Kyriakopoulos, Aniello Napolitano, David J. Parish, Michele Vadursi, William G. Whittow



Computer vision algorithms for measurement and inspection of spur gears
Pages 1669-1678
E.S. Gadelmawla



Prediction of data variability in hand-arm vibration measurements
Pages 1679-1690
G. Moschioni, B. Saggin, M. Tarabini



Development and characterization of a new nickel(II) ion selective optode based on 2-amino-1-cyclopentene-dithiocarboxylic acid
Pages 1691-1696
Abdollah Yari, Mohamad Bagher Gholivand, Firouzeh Rahhedayat



Determining the effect of cutting parameters on surface roughness in hard turning using the Taguchi method
Pages 1697-1704
İlhan Asiltürk, Harun Akkuş



Large field-of-view deformation measurement for transmission tower based on close-range photogrammetry
Pages 1705-1712
Zhenzhong Xiao, Jin Liang, Dehong Yu, Anand Asundi



Statistical analysis of the characteristics of some basic mass-produced passive electrical circuits used in measurements
Pages 1713-1722
Koviljka Stanković, Miloš Vujisić, Dragan Kovačević, Predrag Osmokrović




Velocity vector (3D) measurement for spherical objects using an electro-optical device
Pages 1723-1729
E. Lluna, V. Santiago, B. Defez, L. Dunai, G. Peris-Fajarnes



Developing a new interactive simulation environment with Macromedia Director for teaching applied dimensional metrology
Pages 1730-1746
E. Gómez, P. Maresca, J. Caja, C. Barajas, M. Berzal



Study of magneto-optic element as a displacement sensor
Pages 1747-1752
S.C. Bera, S. Chakraborty



Design and determination of stator geometry for axial flux permanent magnet free rod rotor synchronous motor
Pages 1753-1760
Osman Kalender, Yavuz Ege, Sedat Nazlibilek



Determining the theoretical method error during an on-machine roundness measurement
Pages 1761-1767
A. Janusiewicz, S. Adamczak, W. Makieła, K. Stępień



Improvement of the measurement uncertainty of a high accuracy single sinker densimeter via setup modifications based on a state point uncertainty analysis
Pages 1768-1780
M.E. Mondéjar, J.J. Segovia, C.R. Chamorro



Systematic errors and measurement uncertainty: An experimental approach
Pages 1781-1789
F. Attivissimo, A. Cataldo, L. Fabbiano, N. Giaquinto

Technical Note



Non-informative priors in GUM Supplement 1
Pages 1790-1791
Ignacio Lira, Dieter Grientschnig






Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



Uncooled Infraerd Cameras and Detectors



CMOS Image Sensors 2010 report





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