Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/1



Date: January 2012




Precisely measuring the Planck constant by electromechanical balances
Pages 1-13
Shisong Li, Bing Han, Zhengkun Li, Jiang Lan

Regular Articles



A novel mathematic model of LASER Doppler velocimeter for the velocity measurement of solid-state surface
Pages 14-18
Jian Zhou, Xingwu Long



Analysis of transient multiexponential signals using exponential compensation deconvolution
Pages 19-29
Abdussamad U. Jibia, Momoh-Jimoh E. Salami



A novel intelligent gear fault diagnosis model based on EMD and multi-class TSVM
Pages 30-40
Zhongjie Shen, Xuefeng Chen, Xiaoli Zhang, Zhengjia He



The use of displacement sensitive organic field effect transistor for telemetry system applications
Pages 41-46
Kh.S. Karimov, T.A. Qasuria



Calibration and analysis of eccentric error of the laser rotary-scanning measurement system
Pages 47-53
Tung-Hsien Tsai, Kuang-Chao Fan



MEMS magnetometer based on magnetorheological elastomer
Pages 54-58
Guangtao Du, Xiangdong Chen



A microcontroller-based variable voltage variable frequency sinusoidal power source with a novel PWM generation strategy
Pages 59-67
Pijus Kanti Sadhu, Gautam Sarkar, Anjan Rakshit



Small-capacity deadweight force standard machine compensating loading frame
Pages 68-73
Yon-Kyu Park, Hou-Keun Song, Ho-Young Lee, Min-Seok Kim



Detecting oscillation amplitude and defects of hard disk rotating in high speed by laser Doppler technique
Pages 74-78
Shaoli Zhu, Wei Zhou, Yunfeng Song



Off-normal solar optical property measurements using an integrating sphere
Pages 79-93
M. Collins, J.L. Wright, N. Kotey



Novel method for fabrication of polyaniline–CdS sensor for H2S gas detection
Pages 94-100
B.T. Raut, P.R. Godse, S.G. Pawar, M.A. Chougule, D.K. Bandgar, V.B. Patil



A flexible phase-shifting method with absolute phase marker retrieval
Pages 101-108
Haihua Cui, Wenhe Liao, Ning Dai, Xiaosheng Cheng



Statistical description of the sine-wave frequency estimator provided by the interpolated DFT method
Pages 109-117
Daniel Belega, Dominique Dallet, Dario Petri



Remote monitoring of different electrical parameters of multi-machine system using PC
Pages 118-125
Jinia Datta (Das), Sumana Chowdhuri, Jitendranath Bera, Gautam Sarkar



Extended Kalman Filter frequency tracker for nonstationary harmonic signals
Pages 126-132
Habib Hajimolahoseini, Mohammad Reza Taban, Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh



Simple apparatus for the multipurpose measurements of different thermoelectric parameters
Pages 133-139
Biplab Paul


Technical Note



Exploiting robotic link deflection for low-cost force measurement in manufacturing
Pages 140-143
B.T. Gibson, C.D. Cox, W.R. Longhurst, A.M. Strauss, G.E. Cook






Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



Uncooled Infraerd Cameras and Detectors



CMOS Image Sensors 2010 report



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