Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/2



Special issue on Electrical Instruments
Edited by Linus Michaeli and Jan Saliga



Date: February 2012




Instrumentation for the information and communication technology era
Pages 145-147
Linus Michaeli, Jan Saliga



The Student’s t distribution to measure the word error rate in analog-to-digital converters
Pages 148-154
E. Balestrieri, M. Catelani, L. Ciani, S. Rapuano, A. Zanobini



Implementation of sine-fitting algorithms in systems with 32-bit floating point representation
Pages 155-163
Pedro M. Ramos, Tomáš Radil, Fernando M. Janeiro



Full information from measured ADC test data using maximum likelihood estimation
Pages 164-169
László Balogh, István Kollár, Linus Michaeli, Ján Šaliga, Jozef Lipták



Elimination of drift-like errors in intelligent cyclic A/D converters
Pages 170-174
Konrad Jędrzejewski



Empirical Mode Decomposition and Principal Component Analysis implementation in processing non-invasive cardiovascular signals
Pages 175-181
Eduardo Pinheiro, Octavian Postolache, Pedro Girăo



A portable instrument for automatic detection and classification of telecommunication signal
Pages 182-189
Domenico Luca Carně, Luca De Vito, Sergio Rapuano



Modified uncertainty estimation of antenna factor measurement by standard site method
Pages 190-198
Mikulas Bittera, Viktor Smiesko, Karol Kovac



Experimental investigation on workers’ exposure to electromagnetic fields in proximity of magnetic resonance imaging systems
Pages 199-206
Giovanni Betta, Domenico Capriglione, Nicola Pasquino



An extended interpretation of THD concept in the wake of ship electric power systems research
Pages 207-212
Tomasz Tarasiuk, Janusz Mindykowski



A simple forward direct problem solver for eddy current non-destructive inspection of aluminum plates using uniform field probes
Pages 213-217
A. Lopes Ribeiro, H. Geirinhas Ramos, O. Postolache



Handbook of Laboratory Measurements





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