Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/3



Date: April 2012




Correction factors for films resistivity measurement

Pages 219-225
Sara Zolfaghar Tehrani, W.L. Lim, L. Lee



A novel measurement method based on silhouette for chimney quasi-static deformation monitoring

Pages 226-234
Shunyi Zheng, Dian Ma, Zuxun Zhang, Hualiang Hu, Li Gui

Regular Articles



Setting, hardening and moisture-loss within a cement-based backfill grout under simulated repository environments

Pages 235-242
W.J. McCarter, T.M. Chrisp, G. Starrs, E.H. Owens



Measurements on room temperature gas sensing properties of CSA doped polyaniline–ZnO nanocomposites

Pages 243-249
S.L. Patil, M.A. Chougule, Shashwati Sen, V.B. Patil



Research on optimal measurement area of flexible coordinate measuring machines

Pages 250-254
Dateng Zheng, Chengtao Du, Yonggang Hu



Denoising ultrasonic pulse-echo signal using two-dimensional analytic wavelet thresholding

Pages 255-267
Mohammad R. Hoseini, Ming J. Zuo, Xiaodong Wang



Adaptive Chirp Transform for frequency measurement

Pages 268-275
Petar Mostarac, Roman Malarić, Hrvoje Hegeduš



Autonomous indoor ultrasonic positioning system based on a low-cost conditioning circuit

Pages 276-283
Alberto Sanchez, Angel de Castro, Santiago Elvira, Guillermo Glez-de-Rivera, Javier Garrido



A measurement method of pore size evaluation of filter fabric

Pages 284-289
Xiao Wang, Zhelun Yan, Chun Li



Realization and dissemination of high frequency power standard at INRIM

Pages 290-296
Marco Sellone, Luciano Brunetti, Luca Oberto, Paolo Terzi



A novel linear ridgelet network approach for analog fault diagnosis using wavelet-based fractal analysis and kernel PCA as preprocessors

Pages 297-310
Yingqun Xiao, Lianggui Feng



Investigation on residual stress and stress-optical coefficient for flexible electronics by photoelasticity

Pages 311-316
Y.C. Lee, T.S. Liu, C.I. Wu, W.Y. Lin



An easy way to measure surface free energy by drop shape analysis

Pages 317-324
Luca Mazzola, Edoardo Bemporad, Fabio Carassiti



Design and modeling of non-linear infrared transducer for measuring methane using cross-correlation method

Pages 325-332
Shengyou Xu, Minyou Chen



Performance evaluation experiments on a laser spot triangulation probe

Pages 333-343
Bala Muralikrishnan, Wei Ren, Dennis Everett, Eric Stanfield, Ted Doiron



Analysis of surface roughness and cutting force components in hard turning with CBN tool: Prediction model and cutting conditions optimization

Pages 344-353
Hamdi Aouici, Mohamed Athmane Yallese, Kamel Chaoui, Tarek Mabrouki, Jean-François Rigal



Photogrammetry and laser scanner technology applied to length measurements in car testing laboratories

Pages 354-363
H. González-Jorge, B. Riveiro, P. Arias, J. Armesto



Sauter mean diameter determination for the fine fraction of suspended sediments using a LISST-25X diffractometer

Pages 364-368
Leonardo Filippa, Alfredo Trento, Ana M. Álvarez



Resonance based DC current sensor

Pages 369-374
B.V.M.P. Santhosh Kumar, K. Suresh, U. Varun Kumar, G. Uma, M. Umapathy



Effects of particle charging on electrical capacitance tomography system

Pages 375-383
Heming Gao, Chuanlong Xu, Feifei Fu, Shimin Wang



3-D measurement and evaluation of surface texture produced by scraping process

Pages 384-392
Kuang-Chao Fan, Jingsyan Torng, Wenyuh Jywe, Rui-Chen Chou, Jyun-Kuan Ye



Evaluation of portable ECT instruments with positioning capability

Pages 393-404
Dário Pasadas, T. Jorge Rocha, Helena Geirinhas Ramos, A. Lopes Ribeiro



FPGA implementations of an ADALINE adaptive filter for power-line noise cancellation in surface electromyography signals

Pages 405-414
N. Jindapetch, S. Chewae, P. Phukpattaranont



Variable cosine windowing of intrinsic mode functions: Application to gear fault diagnosis

Pages 415-426
Anand Parey, Ram Bilas Pachori



Uncertainty of calibration of 2D planar Coordinate Measuring Machine

Pages 427-430
Ryoshu Furutani, Miyu Ozaki



A versatile low-cost laboratory apparatus for testing triboluminescent materials
Pages 431-436
Ross S. Fontenot, William A. Hollerman, Mohan D. Aggarwal, Kamala N. Bhat, Shawn M. Goedeke




Property evaluation types

Pages 437-452
A. Giordani, L. Mari



A lumped-parameter transducer model for piezoelectric and ferroelectret polymers

Pages 453-458
Satu Kärki, Jukka Lekkala



An advanced nonlinear model of a low-g MEMS accelerometer for a computer pen

Pages 459-468
Jurij Žumer, Dominiek Reynaerts, Miha Boltežar



Application of Fabry–Pérot and fiber Bragg grating pressure sensors to simultaneous measurement of liquid level and specific gravity

Pages 469-473
Chih-Wei Lai, Yu-Lung Lo, Jiahn-Piring Yur, Wen-Fung Liu, Chin-Ho Chuang



Delineation of ECG characteristic features using multiresolution wavelet analysis method

Pages 474-487
S. Banerjee, R. Gupta, M. Mitra



A Josephson voltage-traceable DC high-voltage divider evaluation using the binary step-up method

Pages 488-492
Sang Hwa Lee, Kwang Min Yu, Jeon Hong Kang, Mun Seog Kim, Kyu Tae Kim



Soft measurement of paper smoothness based on time–frequency analysis of paper quantization noise

Pages 493-499
Q. Zhou, P. Ren, Y.L. Tan



Investigation of polyelectrolyte for electrochemical detection of uric acid in presence of ascorbic acid

Pages 500-506
S. Prakash, Tina Chakrabarty, A. Michael Rajesh, Vinod K. Shahi



An experimental method for assessing the contribution of the production process variations to the task-specific uncertainty of coordinate measurements

Pages 507-516
Francisco A. Arenhart, Gustavo D. Donatelli, Mauricio C. Porath



Possibilities for minimising uncertainty of dissimilar materials gauge blocks calibration by mechanical comparison

Pages 517-524
A. Godina, T. Vuherer, B. Acko



Effects on microwave measurements and simulations when collecting data close to edges of wooden boards

Pages 525-528
Tommy Vikberg, Lars Hansson, Gary S. Schajer, Johan Oja



Method for accurate measurements of detonations in motorbike high speed racing engine

Pages 529-534
Michal Puškár, Peter Bigoš



Fabrication and characterization of a new MEMS fluxgate sensor with nanocrystalline magnetic core

Pages 535-540
Jian Lei, Chong Lei, Yong Zhou



Surface electrode switching of a 16-electrode wireless EIT system using RF-based digital data transmission scheme with 8 channel encoder/decoder ICs

Pages 541-555
Tushar Kanti Bera, J. Nagaraju



Monitoring of the concrete curing process using plastic optical fibers

Pages 556-560
P.S. André, Humberto Varum, Paulo Antunes, Licínio Ferreira, M.G. Sousa



An ensemble local means decomposition method and its application to local rub-impact fault diagnosis of the rotor systems

Pages 561-570
Yu Yang, Junsheng Cheng, Kang Zhang



Development of microcontroller-based microwave system to measure solid content of hevea rubber latex
Pages 571-579
Ahmad Mohammadi, Kaida Khalid, P.S. Bafti, M. Homaiee



On a MEMS based dynamic remote temperature sensor using transverse vibration of a bi-layer micro-cantilever

Pages 580-589
Ghader Rezazadeh, Aliasghar Keyvani, Samad Jafarmadar



Metrological characterization of the new 1 MN force standard machine of NPL India

Pages 590-596
S.K. Jain, Harish Kumar, S.S.K. Titus, Falk Tegtmeier, Norbert Prenzlow, Daniel Schwind



Characteristic analysis of shunt for high voltage direct current measurement

Pages 597-603
Feng Pan, Yan Xu, Xia Xiao, Ken Xu, Shiyan Ren



The inertial technology based 3-dimensional information measurement system for underground pipeline

Pages 604-614
Xiaohang Wang, Hua Song



Inter-laboratories comparison at 100 GΩ and 1 TΩ level to evaluate the traceability transfer from INRIM in the field of high dc resistance

Pages 615-621
F. Galliana, P.P. Capra, E. Gasparotto

Technical Note



Resonant enhancement of a passive coil-capacitance loop in eddy current sensing path

Pages 622-626
Cunyue Liu, Yonggui Dong



Acoustic resonant response of smooth or rough 3D small objects

Pages 627-630
Gheorghe Gavriloaia, Mariuca-Roxana Gavriloaia

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