Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/6



Date:  July 2012




An optical non-contact measurement method for hot-state size of cylindrical shell forging

Pages 1343-1349
Xian-bin Fu, Bin Liu, Yu-cun Zhang



Suppressing harmonic powerline interference using multiple-notch filtering methods with improved transient behavior

Pages 1350-1361
Jacek Piskorowski


Regular Articles



Autonomous estimation of angle random walk of fiber optic gyro in attitude determination system of satellite

Pages 1362-1366
Rui Yuan, Ningfang Song, Jing Jin



Study of cutting force and surface roughness in the turning of polytetrafluoroethylene composites with a polycrystalline diamond tool

Pages 1367-1379
Catalin Fetecau, Felicia Stan



Decomposition of process damping ratios and verification of process damping model for chatter vibration

Pages 1380-1386
Erol Turkes, Sezan Orak, Suleyman Neseli, Suleyman Yaldiz



Application of artificial neural networks for prediction of coercivity of highly ordered cobalt nanowires synthesized by pulse electrodeposition

Pages 1387-1395
Erfan Mafakheri, Pejman Tahmasebi, Davood Ghanbari



3-Dimensional kinematics simulation of face milling

Pages 1396-1405
Nikolaos Tapoglou, Aristomenis Antoniadis



Application of ANFIS to predict crop yield based on different energy inputs

Pages 1406-1413
Leila Naderloo, Reza Alimardani, Mahmoud Omid, Fereydoon Sarmadian, Payam Javadikia, Mohammad Yaser Torabi, Fatemeh Alimardani



A model-based ultrasonic quantitative evaluation method for bonding quality of multi-layered material

Pages 1414-1423
Hongming Zhou, Guowen Liu



Fuzzy rule based predictive model for cutting force in turning of reinforced PEEK composite

Pages 1424-1435
Issam Hanafi, Abdellatif Khamlichi, Francisco Mata Cabrera, Pedro J. Nuñez López, Abdallah Jabbouri



Estimation of time-varying power quality indices using a computationally efficient algorithm

Pages 1436-1454
P.K. Dash, Milan Biswal, Krishnanand K.R.



Application of residuals from regression of experimental mode shapes to locate multiple crack damage in a simply supported reinforced concrete beam

Pages 1455-1461
Zubaidah Ismail



GPRS based data acquisition and analysis system with mobile phone control

Pages 1462-1470
Raul Ionel, Gabriel Vasiu, Septimiu Mischie



Novel method to determine blast resistant glazing system response to explosive loading

Pages 1471-1479
William Chad Wedding, Braden T. Lusk



Influence of milling strategy on the surface roughness in ball end milling of the aluminum alloy Al7075-T6

Pages 1480-1488
Dimitrios Vakondios, Panagiotis Kyratsis, Suleyman Yaldiz, Aristomenis Antoniadis



An insight concept to select appropriate IMFs for envelope analysis of bearing fault diagnosis

Pages 1489-1498
Wen-Chang Tsao, Yi-Fan Li, Duc Du Le, Min-Chun Pan



Design and implementation of a low-cost multi-channel temperature measurement system for photovoltaic modules

Pages 1499-1509
Rustu Eke, A. Sertap Kavasoglu, Nese Kavasoglu



An alternative method for measuring small displacements with differential phase difference of dual-prism and heterodyne interferometry

Pages 1510-1514
Kun-Huang Chen, Huang-Sen Chiu, Jing-Heng Chen, You-Cheng Chen



Denoising with advanced stepwise false discovery rate control and its application to fault diagnosis

Pages 1515-1526
Wenliao Du, Yanming Li, Jin Yuan, Chengliang Liu



Monitoring of sea bed level changes in nearshore regions using fiber optic sensors

Pages 1527-1533
L.F. Ferreira, P. Antunes, F. Domingues, P.A. Silva, P.S. André



Sustainable quality assurance by assuring competence of employees

Pages 1534-1539
Teresa Werner, Albert Weckenmann



Non-invasive investigation of liquid materials using energy dispersive X-ray scattering

Pages 1540-1546
Yu Zhong, Minqiang Li, Bai Sun, Jin Wang, Fang Zhang, Daoyang Yu, Yu Zhang, Jinhuai Liu



Taguchi method based optimisation of drilling parameters in drilling of AISI 316 steel with PVD monolayer and multilayer coated HSS drills

Pages 1547-1557
Turgay Kıvak, Gürcan Samtaş, Adem Çiçek



Bayesian recursive estimation of linear dynamic system states from measurement information

Pages 1558-1563
Gregory A. Kyriazis, Márcio A.F. Martins, Ricardo A. Kalid



Evaluation of coordinate measurement uncertainty with use of virtual machine model based on Monte Carlo method

Pages 1564-1575
J. Sładek, A. Gąska



Multisine excitation design to increase the efficiency of system identification analysis through undersampling and DFT optimization

Pages 1576-1586
Michael J. Schmitz, Roger A. Green



A portable wireless biometric multi-channel system

Pages 1587-1598
Luciano Boquete, José Manuel Rodríguez Ascariz, Joaquín Cantos, Rafael Barea, Juan Manuel Miguel, Sergio Ortega, Nathalia Peixoto



Exudates segmentation using inverse surface adaptive thresholding

Pages 1599-1608
Haniza Yazid, Hamzah Arof, Hazlita Mohd Isa



On improving Dynamic Time Warping for pattern matching

Pages 1609-1620
Somaya Adwan, Hamzah Arof



Determination of complex permittivity and permeability of lanthanum iron garnet filled PVDF-polymer composite using rectangular waveguide and Nicholson–Ross–Weir (NRW) method at X-band frequencies

Pages 1621-1625
Hassan Soleimani, Zulkifly Abbas, Noorhana Yahya, Hojjatollah Soleimani, Mohammad Yeganeh Ghotbi



On-line block pulse implementation of a sine wave using microprocessor

Pages 1626-1632
Suchismita Ghosh, Anish Deb, Gautam Sarkar



Non-linear dynamic compensation and re-sampling for tactile scanning measurement of curved surface topography based on GPS standards

Pages 1633-1638
Wenlong Lu, Xiaojun Liu, Liping Zhou, Hui Heiyang



Water jet velocity uncertainty in laser Doppler velocimetry measurements

Pages 1639-1650
Massimiliano Annoni



An ECG signal compression technique using ASCII character encoding

Pages 1651-1660
S.K. Mukhopadhyay, S. Mitra, M. Mitra



Uncertainty budgeting for range calibration

Pages 1661-1669
Rüdiger Kessel, Raghu N. Kacker, Klaus-Dieter Sommer


Technical Note



Comparison of quantification strategies for one-point standard addition calibration: The heteroscedastic case

Pages 1670-1673
Richard J.C. Brown, Thomas P.S. Gillam

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