Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/7



Date:  August 2012





Smart sensors/actuators for biomedical applications: Review

Pages 1675-1688
J. Ponmozhi, Clara Frias, Torres Marques, O. Frazão


Regular Articles



Leakage quantification of compressed air using ultrasound and infrared thermography

Pages 1689-1694
Slobodan Dudić, Ivana Ignjatović, Dragan Šešlija, Vladislav Blagojević, Miodrag Stojiljković



Optical fiber sensors for static and dynamic health monitoring of civil engineering infrastructures: Abode wall case study

Pages 1695-1705
Paulo Antunes, Hugo Lima, Humberto Varum, Paulo André



Measurement uncertainty issues in freeze-drying processes

Pages 1706-1712
Alessio Carullo, Alberto Vallan



The detection of rotary axis of NC machine tool based on multi-station and time-sharing measurement

Pages 1713-1722
Jindong Wang, Junjie Guo, Baoqing Zhou, Jian Xiao



A new 1.4-GHz soil moisture sensor

Pages 1723-1728
Masoud Rezaei, Emad Ebrahimi, Sasan Naseh, Mehdi Mohajerpour



Automatic diagnosis of neuro-degenerative diseases using gait dynamics

Pages 1729-1734
Mohammad Reza Daliri



Improvement in stage measuring technique of the ultrasonic sensor gauge

Pages 1735-1741
Tsung-Min Tsai, Pei-Hwa Yen



Comparison of accuracy of GPS techniques

Pages 1742-1746
Mustafa Berber, Aydin Ustun, Mevlut Yetkin



Automatic ice-cream characterization by impedance measurements for optimal machine setting

Pages 1747-1754
Marco Grossi, Massimo Lanzoni, Roberto Lazzarini, Bruno Riccò



Measurement of yaw, pitch and side-force on a lifting model in a hypersonic shock tunnel

Pages 1755-1764
Sharad Trivedi, Viren Menezes



Analysis of signal characteristics of swirlmeter in oscillatory flow based on Hilbert–Huang Transform (HHT)

Pages 1765-1781
Jiegang Peng, Gang Zhang



Application of averaged instantaneous power spectrum for diagnostics of machinery operating under non-stationary operational conditions

Pages 1782-1791
Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Radosław Zimroz, Jerome Antoni



Linear filtering of 2-D wavelet coefficients for denoising ultrasound medical images

Pages 1792-1800
G. Andria, F. Attivissimo, G. Cavone, N. Giaquinto, A.M.L. Lanzolla



A bi-material microcantilever temperature sensor based on optical readout

Pages 1801-1806
Lin Wu, Teng Cheng, Qing-Chuan Zhang



Enhancement of domestic refrigerator’s energy efficiency index using a hydrocarbon mixture refrigerant

Pages 1807-1813
M. Rasti, M.S. Hatamipour, S.F. Aghamiri, M. Tavakoli



Measure dimension of rotating large hot steel shell using pulse laser on PRRR robot

Pages 1814-1823
Jun He, Feng Gao, Shengfu Wu, Renqiang Liu, Xianchao Zhao



A novel virtual instrument for power quality surveillance based in higher-order statistics and case-based reasoning

Pages 1824-1835
Juan José González de la Rosa, Agustín Agüera-Pérez, José Carlos Palomares-Salas, José María Sierra-Fernández, Antonio Moreno-Muñoz



Application of α-spectrometry to the study of U diffusion in nuclear reactor materials

Pages 1836-1841
Rodolfo Ariel Pérez, Jorge Gordillo, Nicolás Di Lalla



Maximum Likelihood approach to calibrate hysteretic transducers

Pages 1842-1854
Marco Bocciolone, Stefano Manzoni, Emanuele Zappa



Development and characterization of flexible heating fabric based on conductive filaments

Pages 1855-1865
Liu Hao, Zhang Yi, Chen Li, Xiaojiu Li, Wang Yuxiu, Gao Yan



Evaluation of a four-point sine wave frequency estimator for portable DSP based instrumentation

Pages 1866-1871
F. Corrêa Alegria, Erik Molino-Minero-Re, Shahram Shariat-Panahi



Some studies on hard turning of AISI 4340 steel using multilayer coated carbide tool

Pages 1872-1884
R. Suresh, S. Basavarajappa, G.L. Samuel



New thermal contrast definition for defect characterization by active thermography

Pages 1885-1892
Slawomir Grys



An innovative device for instant measurement of Surface Electro-Myography for clinical use

Pages 1893-1901
Arindam Chatterjee, Swetanjali Gupta, Sanjeev Kumar, Kanta Garg, Amod Kumar



Anodized aluminium pressure sensitive paint: Effect of paint application technique

Pages 1902-1905
H. Zare-Behtash, L. Yang, N. Gongora-Orozco, K. Kontis, A. Jones



A field comparison of two prototype sensors for horizontally on-the-go soil mechanical resistance measurement

Pages 1906-1912
Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh, Fatemeh Rahimi-Ajdadi



Resolution abilities and measuring depth of High-Frequency densitometry on wood samples

Pages 1913-1921
Simon Boden, Martin G. Schinker, Philipp Duncker, Heinrich Spiecker



A switching system based on microcontroller for successive applying of MGT and CPT on MOSFETs

Pages 1922-1926
Nikola D. Vasović, Goran S. Ristić



Increasing the accuracy of ECG based biometric analysis by data modelling

Pages 1927-1932
Saurabh Pal, Madhuchhanda Mitra


Technical Notes



Test verification of an extensometer for deformation measurement of high temperature straight pipes

Pages 1933-1936
J.H. Jia, X.Y. Hu, N. Wang, S.T. Tu



Distributed amplified ultra-stable signal quartz oscillator based

Pages 1937-1939
Patrice Salzenstein, Nathalie Cholley, Alexander Kuna, Philippe Abbé, Franck Lardet-Vieudrin, Ludvík Šojdr, Jacques Chauvin

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