Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/8



Date: October 2012




A novel approach for realization of primary vibration calibration standard by homodyne laser interferometer in frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz

Pages 1941-1950
Naveen Garg, Omkar Sharma, Ashok Kumar, Mark I. Schiefer



An experimental intercomparison of gas meter calibrations

Pages 1951-1959
Furio Cascetta, Marco Comazzi, Marilena Musto, Giuseppe Rotondo



Exposure of workers to extremely low frequency magnetic fields during the temperature-rise test of electrotechnical equipment

Pages 1960-1965
C.D. Halevidis, J.D. Koustellis, A.D. Polykrati, P.D. Bourkas



Calibration aspects of thick source alpha counter ZnS system

Pages 1966-1980
I. Liritzis, A. Vafiadou



Dynamic calibration method of high-pressure transducer based on quasi-δ function excitation source

Pages 1981-1988
Yu Zhang, Jing Zu, Hong-Yan Zhang



Novel method for fabrication of room temperature polypyrrole–ZnO nanocomposite NO2 sensor

Pages 1989-1996
M.A. Chougule, D.S. Dalavi, Sawanta Mali, P.S. Patil, A.V. Moholkar, G.L. Agawane, J.H. Kim, Shashwati Sen, V.B. Patil



FPGA based chip emulation system for test development of analog and mixed signal circuits: A case study of DC–DC buck converter

Pages 1997-2020
R. Bhattacharya, S. Biswas, S. Mukhopadhyay



An environmentally-flexible measurement system for ammunition temperature detection in the powder chamber with high accuracy

Pages 2021-2028
Yao Lei, Zhijun Xu, Lizhong Zhang, Lixin Meng



Commissioning of a new ice-free anemometer: 2011 Field tests at WEICan

Pages 2029-2040
André Bégin-Drolet, Jean Ruel, Jean Lemay, Gerald Giroux



An improved online dimensional measurement method of large hot cylindrical forging

Pages 2041-2051
Wei Liu, Zhenyuan Jia, Fuji Wang, Xin Ma, Wenqiang Wang, Xinghua Jia, Di Song



A repeated single-channel mechanical signal blind separation method based on morphological filtering and singular value decomposition

Pages 2052-2063
Shaojiang Dong, Baoping Tang, Yan Zhang



Linearity dependence on oxygen fraction and gas temperature of a novel Fleisch pneumotachograph for neonatal ventilation at low flow rates

Pages 2064-2071
Emiliano Schena, Giulia Lupi, Stefano Cecchini, Sergio Silvestri



Estimating ultrasonic time of flight using envelope and quasi maximum likelihood method for damage detection and assessment

Pages 2072-2080
Mohammad R. Hoseini, Xiaodong Wang, Ming J. Zuo



Shape effects of micromechanical cantilever sensor

Pages 2081-2088
Hong Hocheng, Wen Hsin Weng, J.H. Chang



Simultaneous measurement of CO and CO2 at elevated temperatures by diode laser wavelength modulated spectroscopy

Pages 2089-2095
Tingdong Cai, Guishi Wang, Weijun Zhang, Xiaoming Gao



Heart rate variability: Linear and non-linear analysis of pre-awake period for normal and intrauterine growth restricted children at 10 year

Pages 2096-2102
Taher Biala, Wajid Aziz, Michael Wailoo, Fernando S. Schlindwein



Improved estimation of contact compliance via atomic force microscopy using a calibrated cantilever as a reference sample

Pages 2103-2113
Marco Salerno



Development of a low cost portable pressure measurement system using for garment design

Pages 2114-2120
Jin Li, Hao Liu, Yuxiu Wang, Lingling Shi, Fengxia He



A new thermal property measurement technique by modified pattern search method

Pages 2121-2127
Peilin Li, Yang Yang, Hao Lu



Vehicle speed measurement: Cosine error correction

Pages 2128-2134
Maria Castro, Luis Iglesias, José A. Sánchez



A new method for heat measurement during high speed machining

Pages 2135-2140
B. Davoodi, H. Hosseinzadeh



A co-processor design to accelerate sequential monocular SLAM EKF process

Pages 2141-2152
Mohd. Yamani Idna Idris, Hamzah Arof, Noorzaily Mohamed Noor, Emran Mohd. Tamil, Zaidi Razak



Experimental investigations on machinability aspects in finish hard turning of AISI 4340 steel using uncoated and multilayer coated carbide inserts

Pages 2153-2165
Ashok Kumar Sahoo, Bidyadhar Sahoo



A computer simulation platform for the estimation of measurement uncertainties in dimensional X-ray computed tomography

Pages 2166-2182
Jochen Hiller, Leonard M. Reindl

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