Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/9



Metrology as Factor of Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness

Edited by Pedro M. Ramos and Flavio H. Vasconcelos



Date: November 2012

Handbook of Laboratory Measurements




Metrology as Factor of Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness

Pages 2183-2184
Pedro M. Ramos, Flávio H. Vasconcelos




An overview of the measurement of electrical quantities from 1979 to 2002

Pages 2185-2193
Mario Savino




A Bayesian paradox and its impact on the GUM approach to uncertainty

Pages 2194-2202
Filippo Attivissimo, Nicola Giaquinto, Mario Savino




Bayesian and least-squares algorithms for estimating signal harmonics: A comparative study

Pages 2203-2212
G.A. Kyriazis, P.M. Ramos, A. Cruz Serra




A self-calibrating instrument current transformer

Pages 2213-2217
D. Slomovitz, A. Santos




International comparison of quantum AC voltage standards for frequencies up to 100 kHz

Pages 2218-2225
Piotr S. Filipski, Helko E. van den Brom, Ernest Houtzager




Assessment of the GSM-R susceptibility to repetitive transient disturbance

Pages 2226-2236
Giorgio Boschetti, Andrea Mariscotti, Virginie Deniau




Medium wave DRM field trials in Brazil – Some daytime and nighttime results in urban environment

Pages 2237-2245
M.P.C. Almeida, R.P. David, R.S.L. Souza, P.V.G. Castellanos, J.A. Cal Braz, M.V. Lima, F.F. Lima, L.A.R. Silva Mello




Liftoff insensitive thickness measurement of aluminum plates using harmonic eddy current excitation and a GMR sensor

Pages 2246-2253
A. Lopes Ribeiro, H. Geirinhas Ramos, J. Couto Arez




The dual channel sinewave model: Co-prime sparse sampling, parameter estimation, and the Cramér–Rao Bound

Pages 2254-2263
Senay Negusse, Peter Händel




Accuracy analysis of the amplitude estimation of a sine-wave by the energy-based method using the direct and indirect procedures

Pages 2264-2274
Daniel Belega, Dario Petri




Influence of lamination process on optical fiber sensors embedded in composite material

Pages 2275-2280
Piotr Lesiak, Mateusz Szeląg, Daniel Budaszewski, Robert Plaga, Karolina Mileńko, Ginu Rajan, Yuliya Semenova, Gerald Farrell, Anna Boczkowska, Andrzej Domański, Tomasz Woliński








Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems





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