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     ISSN: 1748-0132  Vol./Iss.: 3/1-2

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Date: February-April 2008


1. Large-scale future for Nano Today
Page 1
Cordelia Sealy and Jackie Y. Ying
2. More information = better decision making?
Page 6
Michael Pitkethly
Research News
3. Self assembly fine-tunes targeting: Nanomedicine
Page 9
Paula Gould
4. Multitasking nanoparticles target cancer: Nanomedicine
Page 9
Paula Gould
5. Rapid exit strategy for nanotubes: Toxicology and environment
Page 9
Paula Gould
6. Electron tomography reaches new benchmark: Characterization
Page 10
Cordelia Sealy
7. Engineering light emission with nanoparticle dopants: Optical properties
Page 10
Cordelia Sealy
8. Nanotubes turn into contortionists: Mechanical properties
Page 11
Katerina Busuttil
9. Handling the molecules of life: Fabrication and assembly
Page 11
Katerina Busuttil
10. Si formation nails wettability: Nanostructured materials
Page 11
Katerina Busuttil
Cover story
11. Atomic force microscopy in bionanotechnology
Pages 12-19
Gerald Kada, Ferry Kienberger and Peter Hinterdorfer
12. Cantilever dynamics in atomic force microscopy
Pages 20-27
Arvind Raman, John Melcher and Ryan Tung
13. Magnetic sensitive force microscopy
Pages 28-39
Alexander Schwarz and Roland Wiesendanger
14. Protein-nanoparticle interactions
Pages 40-47
Iseult Lynch and Kenneth A. Dawson
15. The toxicological impact of nanoparticles
Pages 48-55
Roberta Brayner
16. A tale of opportunities, uncertainties, and risks
Pages 56-59
Paul J.A. Borm and David Berube
Books & Media
17. Atom resolved surface reactions nanocatalysis
Page 61
18. Nanopathology: The health impact of nanoparticles
Page 61
19. Commercializing micro-nanotechnology products
Page 61
20. Nanomaterials to the rescue
Page 61
Guodong Yuan
Tools & Techniques
21. AFM components are put on the block
Page 63
22. Frozen molecules on display
Page 63
23. Growing nanowires on a large scale
Page 63
24. Microscopy for critical features
Page 63
25. Raman imaging takes on AFM
Page 63
26. Electromechanics on the nanoscale
Page 63
27. Living with nanoparticles
Page 64
Andrew D. Maynard












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