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Date: April 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
News and Opinions
2. Weathering the risks of quantum dots
Pages 107-108
3. Nanowires on the line
Page 108
4. A bit of a gas
Page 109
5. Microscopy shows the strain
Page 110
6. Bulk metallic glasses break the mold
Page 111
7. Time for a new start
Pages 112-113
Colin Finan, David Rejeski
8. Engineered nanomaterials: Where they go, nobody knows
Pages 114-115
Jonathan D. Posner
Rapid Communications
9. New pathway for self-assembly and emergent properties
Pages 116-124
Meredith M. Murr, Gunjan S. Thakur, Youli Li, Hiro Tsuruta, Igor Mezic, Daniel E. Morse
10. Simultaneous non-invasive analysis of DNA condensation and stability by two-step QD-FRET
Pages 125-134
Hunter H. Chen, Yi-Ping Ho, Xuan Jiang, Hai-Quan Mao, Tza-Huei Wang, Kam W. Leong
11. Superhydrophobic nanoporous polymers as efficient adsorbents for organic compounds
Pages 135-142
Yonglai Zhang, Shu Wei, Fujian Liu, Yunchen Du, Sen Liu, Yanyan Ji, Toshiyuki Yokoi, Takashi Tatsumi, Feng-Shou Xiao
12. Designer platinum nanoparticles: Control of shape, composition in alloy, nanostructure and electrocatalytic property
Pages 143-164
Zhenmeng Peng, Hong Yang
13. Mesoporous materials for encapsulating enzymes
Pages 165-179
Chia-Hung Lee, Tien-Sung Lin, Chung-Yuan Mou
14. Micro- and nano-patterns created via electrohydrodynamic instabilities
Pages 180-192
Ning Wu, William B. Russel
15. Designer self-assembling peptide nanomaterials
Pages 193-210
Yang Yanlian, Khoe Ulung, Wang Xiumei, Akihiro Horii, Hidenori Yokoi, Zhang Shuguang

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