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    ISSN: 1748-0132  Vol./Iss.: 4/6

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Date: December 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
News and Opinions
2. New recipe for metallic carbon nanotubes
Pages 451-452
3. Researchers reveal fate of nanoparticles inside cells
Pages 452-453
4. Polymer nanotubes improve connection to brain implants
Page 453
5. Surface structure has surprising effect on interfacial energy
Page 454
6. European public opinion warms to nanotechnology
Pages 455-457
John Hudson, Marta Orviska
7. Self-assembled peptidic nanostructures
Pages 458-469
Sila Toksöz, Mustafa O. Guler
8. Integrated microfluidic reactors
Pages 470-481
Wei-Yu Lin, Yanju Wang, Shutao Wang, Hsian-Rong Tseng
9. Freestanding ultrathin nano-membranes via self-assembly
Pages 482-493
Wenlong Cheng, Michael J. Campolongo, Shawn J. Tan, Dan Luo
10. Self-templated synthesis of hollow nanostructures
Pages 494-507
Qiao Zhang, Wenshou Wang, James Goebl, Yadong Yin
11. Nano-structured composites based on calcium phosphate for cellular delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Pages 508-517
Mingzhen Zhang, Kazunori Kataoka

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