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Date: August 2010



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News and Opinions


DNA molecular robots take a new track
Pages 243-244


Researchers exploit nanotubes' power of encapsulation
Page 245


Hot tip for making graphene oxide based electronics
Page 246


Simple process for making graphene 'on the cheap'
Page 247


Just scratching the surface? New techniques show how surface functionality of nanoparticles influences their environmental fate
Pages 248-250
Helen P. Jarvie, Stephen M. King


Development of new nano-tools: Towards an integrative approach to address the societal question of nanotechnology?
Pages 251-253
Gladys Saez, Xavier Moreau, Laetitia De Jong, Alain Thiéry, Christel Dolain, Isabelle Bestel, Carole Di Giorgio, Michel De Méo, Philippe Barthélémy



Protein templates in hard tissue engineering
Pages 254-266
Anne George, Sriram Ravindran


Polyoxometalate-based functional nanostructured films: Current progress and future prospects
Pages 267-281
Shaoqin Liu, Zhiyong Tang


Silicon nanostructures for bioapplications
Pages 282-295
Yao He, Chunhai Fan, Shuit-Tong Lee


Polymer- and lipid-based nanoparticle therapeutics for the treatment of liver diseases
Pages 296-312
Lanjuan Li, Huaying Wang, Zhan Yuin Ong, Kaijin Xu, Pui Lai Rachel Ee, Shusen Zheng, James L. Hedrick, Yi-Yan Yang


One-dimensional II–VI nanostructures: Synthesis, properties and optoelectronic applications
Pages 313-336
Jiansheng Jie, Wenjun Zhang, Igor Bello, Chun-Sing Lee, Shuit-Tong Lee


Host–guest interactions mediated nano-assemblies using cyclodextrin-containing hydrophilic polymers and their biomedical applications
Pages 337-350
Jianxiang Zhang, Peter X. Ma


Graphene and graphite nanoribbons: Morphology, properties, synthesis, defects and applications
Pages 351-372
Mauricio Terrones, Andrés R. Botello-Méndez, Jessica Campos-Delgado, Florentino López-Urías, Yadira I. Vega-Cantú, Fernando J. Rodríguez-Macías, Ana Laura Elías, Emilio Muñoz-Sandoval, Abraham G. Cano-Márquez, Jean-Christophe Charlier, Humberto Terrones




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