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  • New service has started. Now you can ask questions, receive consultations through EXP.com  from sensor area experts or submit a project for expertise (see LINKS)
  • New section ARCHIVE 6 is opened. Ph.D. and D.Sc. abstracts of theses are there
  • Section MARKETPLACE 2 is up-dated. New Product and Market Digest is there
  •  ACOUSTIC, PRESSURE, RESONANT, MECHANICAL and OTHERS subsections in SENSOR section are up-dated
  • Lists of ROTATION SPEED and HUMIDITY sensors manufacturers are up-dated
  • There are some new links to forthcoming sensors events (do not miss new one: Sensors for Industry Conference (SIcon' 2001) in USA) in LINKS section
  • There are 3 new contents of  "Sensors and Actuators"  (Chemical and Physical) journals (on-line access to full pages articles of both A and B journals is still FREE due to Elsevier)


  • IFSA holds its one year jubilee Report about activities and future development is available in PRESIDENT INVITATION section

  • "The European Market for Automotive Sensors" press release from Frost and Sullivan's is in MARKETPLACE 1 section
  • OPTICAL, TEMPERATURE and MAGNETIC sections are up-dated
  • Lists of PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE and OPTICAL sensors manufacturers are up-dated
  • Sensors for monitoring surface moisture deposition (dew, fog, rain) in agriculture and industry; wide range of smart sensors for weather stations, water quality and gas monitoring equipment; conductivity sensors and transducer with frequency output are in List of OTHERS sensors manufacturers
  • STANDARDIZATION section is up-dated
  • There are 3 new contents of  "Sensors and Actuators"  (Chemical and Physical) journals (do not miss an opportunity to have free access to full text articles !)
  • There are dozen new links to coming sensors events in LINKS section





  • LIST OF MANUFACTURERS is started in PRESSURE sensors subsection, beginning from the checklist "Selecting Pressure Transducers"

  • MARKETPLACE and LINKS sections are up-dated

  • GAS sensors subsection in SENSORS section is up-dated

  • New ARCHIVE sections 4 and 5 are opened. There are contents of two reprints on Intelligent Sensor Systems and Smart Sensors Reprints (1986-1998) from Delft University of Technology


  • ARCHIVE section 1 is up-dated. There are new full pages paper "Smart Sensors with Frequency Output: State-of-the-art and Future Development" and link to "7 hot Industrial Sensors" article (Design News, 03/06/2000)
  • Contents of 3 issues "Sensors and Systems" journal are added
  • Links to temperature sensor standards are in the STANDARDIZATION section
  • Do not miss a four-days advanced engineering EUROPRACTICE course "Smart Sensor Systems' 2000", Delft, The NETHERLANDS,  8-11 May, 2000 (on-line registration is available
  • 7 contents of new journals "Sensors and Actuators"  (Physical and Chemical) are added




  • New PATENTS section has started

  • There are 8 contents of new "Sensor and Actuators" journals (Chemical and Physical

  • MAGNETIC sensor subsection is opened, CHEMICAL, PRESSURE, GAS, OTHERS (including references concerning microsystems and smart sensor interfaces) are up-dated

  • And do not miss forthcoming sensor events in LINKS section !


  • New STANDARDIZATION section is opened

  • There are dozen new links to coming events ,  link to EUROSENSORS XIII Proceedings and new journal "Sensors & Systems" in LINKS section

  • HUMIDITY, ACOUSTIC and ROTATION subsections including Rotation-Speed Sensor Instrumentation are opened

  • CHEMICAL, PRESSURE, GAS, RESONANT and FLOW subsections are up-dated


  • New ARCHIVE page No. 3 with references from journal  "Measurement Technology"  (1961-1986) is added

  • Contents of "Sensor and Actuators" journals (Chemical and Physical) are now in the LINK section as well as some new useful links to forthcoming events

  • FLOW sensor subsection in SENSOR is up-dated


  • International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) web site has opened

  • ARCHIVE (2 pages, with new papers and references from journal "Measuring Instruments and Control Systems" (1967-1991)),  LINKS and ABOUT US sections are working

  • There are some references and paper in  TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE, GAS, CHEMICAL, RESONANT, BIOSENSORS and OTHERS sensor subsections in SENSORS. The rest sections are under construction



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