ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.140, Issue 2



Date: 10 November 2007

  Heading: General Section
Low cost dislocation sensor with differential capacitor
Pages 139-144
J. Topolnicki and N. Skoczylas
  Heading: Physical Section

Thermocapillary actuation of liquid plugs using a heater array
Pages 145-155
Zhenjun Jiao, Nam-Trung Nguyen and Xiaoyang Huang


A calculable sensor for electrical impedance tomography
Pages 156-161
Zhang Cao, Huaxiang Wang, Wuqiang Yang and Yong Yan

  Heading: Interfaces Section
Offset voltage evaluation of analog blocks in a configurable mixed architecture for smart capacitive sensor applications
Pages 162-167
L. Bissi, P. Placidi and A. Scorzoni
  Heading: Materials and Technology Section

Silicon shadow mask fabrication for patterned metal deposition with microscale dimensions using a novel corner compensation scheme
Pages 168-175
Matt Apanius, Pankaj B. Kaul and Alexis R. Abramson


Photoresponsive polymer gel microvalves controlled by local light irradiation
Pages 176-184
Shinji Sugiura, Kimio Sumaru, Katsuhide Ohi, Kazuaki Hiroki, Toshiyuki Takagi and Toshiyuki Kanamori


Fabrication of high aspect-ratio polymer microstructures for large-area electronic portal X-ray imagers
Pages 185-193
J.H. Daniel, A. Sawant, M. Teepe, C. Shih, R.A. Street and L.E. Antonuk


Manufacture and characterization of sol–gel V1−xyWxSiyO2 films for uncooled thermal detectors
Pages 194-199
Thomas C.-K. Yang, Benjamin P.-P. Hung, Y.-C. Chen, Ming-Hong Lai and Tsair-Wang Chung


On the performance of 1–3 piezoelectric composites with a passive and active matrix
Pages 200-206
Christian N. Della and Dongwei Shu


A comparative study of the physical properties of CdS, Bi2S3 and composite CdS–Bi2S3 thin films for photosensor application
Pages 207-214
R.R. Ahire, N.G. Deshpande, Y.G. Gudage, A.A. Sagade, S.D. Chavhan, D.M. Phase and Ramphal Sharma


  Heading: Actuator Section

Transformation ratio of “ring-dot” planar piezoelectric transformer
Pages 215-224
Petr Půlpán and Jiří Erhart


In-plane strain of electro-active paper under electric fields
Pages 225-231
Jaehwan Kim, Woochul Jung and Heung Soo Kim


Evaluation of dielectric gel coating for encapsulation of ionic polymer–metal composite (IPMC) actuators
Pages 232-238
João Barramba, João Silva and P.J. Costa Branco


Voltage-induction type electrostatic film motor driven by two- to four-phase ac voltage and electrostatic induction
Pages 239-250
Norio Yamashita, Zu Guang Zhang, Akio Yamamoto, Masahiko Gondo and Toshiro Higuchi


  Heading: Systems/Application Section

Real-time frequency compensatory filter for adjusting dynamic bandwidth of single-degree-of-freedom sensor system
Pages 251-256
Dae-Hyun Kim


  Heading: Micromechanics Section

Low cycle fatigue of single crystal silicon thin films
Pages 257-265
Hsien-Kuang Liu, B.J. Lee and Pang-Ping Liu








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