ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.153/1



Date: 25 June 2009


1. Editorial Board
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  Physical Section
2. Amorphous silicon balanced photodiode for detection of ultraviolet radiation
Pages 1-4
D. Caputo, G. de Cesare, A. Nascetti, M. Tucci
3. Differential readout for a magnetic gradiometer
Pages 5-12
Andrew Sunderland, Alexey V. Veryaskin, Howard Golden, Wayne McRae, Li Ju, David G. Blair
4. A novel technique of microforce sensing and loading
Pages 13-23
Xide Li, Dongchuan Su, Zhao Zhang
5. Microphone based on Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) micro-pillars and patterned electrodes
Pages 24-32
J. Xu, M.J. Dapino, D. Gallego-Perez, D. Hansford
6. Relationship between doping concentration and recombination zone in green phosphorescent light-emitting diodes
Pages 33-36
Jun Yeob Lee
7. Theoretical comparison between the response of single- and multiwalled carbon nanotubes based sensor as a function of the gas pressure
Pages 37-41
F. Picaud
8. Piezoelectric bimorph charge mode force sensor
Pages 42-49
Olli Kursu, Arvi Kruusing, Marko Pudas, Timo Rahkonen
9. Methods for detecting air bubble in piezo inkjet dispensers
Pages 50-56
Kye-Si Kwon
10. A capacitive sensor for non-contact nanoliter droplet detection
Pages 57-63
A. Ernst, W. Streule, N. Schmitt, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay
11. Ultra-sensitive detection of magnetic field and its direction using bilayer PVDF/Metglas laminate
Pages 64-68
X.W. Dong, B. Wang, K.F. Wang, J.G. Wan, J.–M. Liu
12. Infrared detectors based on thin film thermistor of ternary Mn–Ni–Co–O on micro-machined thermal isolation structure
Pages 69-75
Shivaprasad Karanth, M.A. Sumesh, V. Shobha, H. Ganesh Shanbhogue, C.L. Nagendra
  Interfaces Section
13. Design and validation of the control circuits for a micro-cantilever tool for a micro-robot
Pages 76-83
A. Arbat, E. Edqvist, R. Casanova, J. Brufau, J. Canals, J. Samitier, S. Johansson, A. Diéguez
  Materials and Technology Section
14. Signal performance of DC-SQUIDs with respect to YBCO thin film deposition rate
Pages 84-88
I. Avci, B.P. Algul, R. Akram, A. Bozbey, M. Tepe, D. Abukay
15. Preparation and characterization of piezoelectric ceramic–polymer composite thick films by aerosol deposition for sensor application
Pages 89-95
Jong-Jin Choi, Byung-Dong Hahn, Jungho Ryu, Woon-Ha Yoon, Byoung-Kuk Lee, Dong-Soo Park
  Actuator Section
16. A flexure-based five-bar mechanism for micro/nano manipulation
Pages 96-104
Y. Tian, B. Shirinzadeh, D. Zhang
17. Laminar mixing using oscillating cantilevered ionic polymer actuators
Pages 105-113
Alicia M. Williams, David J. Griffiths, Pavlos P. Vlachos
  Micromechanics Section
18. A stiff and flat membrane operated DC contact type RF MEMS switch with low actuation voltage
Pages 114-119
Jongseok Kim, Sangwook Kwon, Heemoon Jeong, Youngtack Hong, Sanghun Lee, Insang Song, Byeongkwon Ju
19. Fabrication of thin film metallic glass (TFMG) pipe for a cylindrical ultrasonic linear micro-actuator
Pages 120-126
Sheng Wang, Dongming Sun, Seiichi Hata, Junpei Sakurai, Akira Shimokohbe
20. Design of MEMS vertical–horizontal chevron thermal actuators
Pages 127-130
Jorge Varona, Margarita Tecpoyotl-Torres, Anas A. Hamoui
  Technology Section
21. Au pattern fabrication on a cellulose paper using micro-contact printing technique: Solvent swell effect
Pages 131-135
H.G. Lim, G.Y. Cho, Jaehwan Kim, K.S. Kang





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