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Welcome to International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) and its Sensors Web Portal - a primary Internet resource for sensors related information !


IFSA is a professional association created with the aim to encourage the research and development in the area of smart sensors, sensors with frequency, time interval, duty-cycle and digital output, including  multifunction, multifrequency transducers, the usage of new physical effects and principles. IFSA reports on current research in this field worldwide though its media: Sensors Web Portal, IFSA TV Networks, Newsletter (ISSN: 1726-6017) and Sensors & Transducers journal (ISSN: 2306-8515, e-ISSN 1726-5479), and international conferences: SEIA, IFTS, OPAL, MicDAT and ASPAI.


Today, universal self-adopted methods are intensively used in frequency measurements. They have program-controlled  performances and possibilities in a broad measuring frequency range: from infra low up to high, non-redundant time of measurement and constant quantization error,  not exceeding the program beforehand given. The new program-oriented  methods of measurement allow to carry out  precision  measurements at the level of accuracy  and stability of atomic constants at complete automation, high metrology reliability and minimum possible hardware. For this reason, the frequency sensors are most perspective, due to essential advantages of frequency as information parameter of electric signal. However, today there is a serious gap in development of frequency output and digital sensors. It is necessary small-sized, reliable intelligent, smart sensors, created on the basis of new physical effects, principles, and conversion methods for today.


One of the main IFSA activities is to link R&D in instrumentation and  frequency output and digital sensors. The  IFSA Web site creation was the start point in this activity. Today Sensors Web Portal is a concentrator of knowledge, ideas, engineering solutions, information and computer technologies, new physical effects and principles of frequency sensors on the basis of modern microelectronics and MEMS technologies. Here you can find and place the information about all mentioned  problems, to discuss your proposals,  receive consulting and references, find investors, partners for joint research and networking projects.


We hope, due to our joint efforts, the IFSA  Web site becomes a foothold of international effective cooperation, will provide scientific-and-technical progress in the field of new frequency sensors for different quantities and measuring instruments.



Prof., Dr.,Sergey Y. Yurish

IFSA President



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