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II. Many mails you might have, but they are not really spam, as long as you can see the real LIST owner address in the header.


III. Remember the "Golden Rule" ? "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you". Translation: before you call someone names, swear at them, report them to Spam Cop or do any other annoying gesture, stop and think. Maybe you did subscribe to that ezine and just don't remember. Try giving someone the benefit of the doubt before firing off an ugly email message that a real live breathing human being with feelings is going to read. Computers may not have feelings, but people do and there's a person behind every email address and/ or website.


IV. If you receive the same message some times during a short period, it was really no any reason to bomb you! Some times this thing happen due to non perfect software as well as problems with SMTP server on the Internet Service Provider side. We also hate these failures !


V. If this message has reached you in error, before threatening to sue or reporting the Publisher for spam, politely ask the Publisher to be removed. Any ezine publisher worth his salt will be happy to oblige. We really don't want to hold you captive.



Your privacy is important to us.

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