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Triaxial Shock Accelerometer is Available with 60,000 G Range. - Supplied with integral cable with options of pigtails or connector termination for use with bridge conditioners, PCB® Model 3503A1060KG has 60,000 G measuring range and minimum zero-shift after shock. Piezoresistive triaxial shock accelerometer contains 3 silicon MEMS sensing elements and features 45° package orientation, with DC response, damping, and mechanical stops for over-range protection. Sensor is designed for shock testing and comes in titanium housing ...






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H. Luo, G. Fedder, and R. Carley, A 1 mG Lateral CMOS-MEMS Accelerometer, In Proceedings of The 13th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS '00), January, 2000, pp. 502 - 507.


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Technology Report. Silicon Designs, Inc. (SDI) has developed a miniature accelerometer technology which combines additive micro machining and integrated circuit technology to produce a highly reliable, capacitive, acceleration sensor. The SDI approach of building sensors out of nickel based materials is one of the first commercial successes of non-silicon MEMS  (Micro - Electro Mechanical Systems) sensors. This basic design found application through the 1990's in markets including advanced single point air bag control modules as well as industrial and commercial testing, and aerospace. Since initial development, our ongoing research has resulted in improvements that have increased the reliability, sensitivity, and survivability of our accelerometers to a point that they are being used in entirely new areas such as inertial navigation and high temperature environments.

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S. Valoff and William J. Presettable Micromachined MEMS Accelerometers.
4. Folder icon Intelligent Accelerometers to IEEE 1451.4
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Abstract: This paper describes a self-test procedure for a micromachined silicon accelerometer realized using a commercially available microprocessor. The accelerometer is fabricated using a combination of thick-film printing and silicon micromachining. The self-test procedure must be performed at resonance and the microprocessor is used to identify the individual resonant frequency of each device and confirm the operation of the PZT elements. The microprocessor could also be used in the future to fully test and calibrate the device thereby ensuring correct and accurate operation.

7. Folder icon A Beginner’s Guide to Accelerometers

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Accelerometer Selection Based on Applications, Endevco Technical Paper, T291

Abstract: In this comprehensive technical paper, accelerometer selection recommendations based on applications and measurement environments are presented. Applications include motion, high frequency vibration, low frequency vibration, shock, micro-g vibration, vibration on small objects, high temperature environments, low temperature environments, radiation environments, machine health monitoring, and multi-channel applications.

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Dave Olney, Bruce Swanson, and Bob Arkell, Selecting the Optimum Accelerometer for Your Application

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John E. Judd, Basics of Acceleration Measurements, Mechanical Failure Prevention Technology, 59th MFPT Forum

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pp. 183-186.

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Abstract: This paper presents a solution to improve the performance of a micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer exploring oversampling and sensor fusion techniques. The proposed solution seems to be adequate for any measurement application that requires sensor fusion of two quantities, acceleration and temperature. The measurement system includes auto-calibration (AC) routines and software modules (SM) to evaluate noise level amplitude for self-dithering data processing and to improve the measurement reliability using self-testing techniques.

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Simple Steps to Selecting the Right Accelerometer, Sensors Magazine, March 2009.

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Pei Xu, Jun Liu, Wendong Zhang, A Measuring Circuit for MEMS Resonant Accelerometer



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