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Multifunction DAQ Board is Designed for PCIe Bus - Connector- and software-compatible with MCC PCIM-DAS1602/16 for those who need to migrate to PCIe, 16-bit PCIe-DAS1602/16 offers 16 analog inputs, 100 KSPS sample rate, 32 DIO, 2 analog outputs, and 3 counter inputs. Board includes software options to meet any skill level or application requirement. Support includes out-of-the-box TracerDAQ® along with comprehensive drivers for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET, DASYLab®, and NI LabVIEW ...



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Data Acquisition Specifications - a Glossary

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Choosing Data Acquisition Boards and Software

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ENOB (Effective Number Of Bits) - The Accurate Way to Choose a Data Acquisition Board

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Tom Lecklider, Interoperability Fosters New Data Acquisition Standard

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ActiveX Control Library: Universal Programming Solutions (software examples for Visual Basic, LabView, C++, Visual Studio.NET, Excel, Access and more).

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The Evolution of Virtual Instrumentation

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Nikolay V. Kirianaki and Sergey Y. Yurish, Advanced DAQ Board for Frequency-Time Parameters of Electric Signals, In Proceedings of  the second IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications, Lviv, UKRAINE, 8-10 September 2003, pp.150-153.

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Fred Schraff, Choosing Differential or Single-Ended Measurements for Data Acquisition Systems, Sensors Magazine, December 1997
10.Folder icon L. Baker, C.A. Wong, Understanding the Basics of Portable Data Acquisition, Sensors Magazine, November 1997
11.Folder icon Roger W. Lockhart, Enhancing Data Acquisition with Intelligent Oversampling, Sensors Magazine, June 1997
12.Folder icon Ed Gladney, NASA Launches an Automated Data Acquisition System, Sensors Magazine, September 1998
13.Folder icon Kevin Sullivan, Defining Accuracy with ENOB, Sensors Magazine, August 1998
14.Folder icon Fred R. Schraff, Defining Data Accuracy, Sensors Magazine, June 1998
15.Folder icon David Potter, Entering the Age of Smart Distributed I/O, Sensors Magazine, May 1998
16.Folder icon Lee H. Eccles, A Smart Sensor Bus for Data Acquisition, Sensors Magazine, March 1998
17.Folder icon Bruce Fuller, Data Loggers: The Next Generation, Sensors Magazine, February 1998
18.Folder icon Murali Parthasarathy, Using ActiveX to Share Data Among Applications, Sensors Magazine, February 1998
19.Folder icon David Howarth, Performing Data Acquisition over the Internet, Sensors Magazine, January 1998
20.Folder icon Alan J. Laduzinsky, Computer Trends in Data Acquisition, Sensors Magazine, December 1999
21.Folder icon Frederick A. Putnam, Internet-Base Data Acquisition and Control, Sensors Magazine, November 1999
22.Folder icon Timothy Ludy, Interoperability Comes to Data Acquisition, Sensors Magazine, October 1999
23.Folder icon Glenn Hartwig, Data Acquisition Application Development Software - Something for Everyone, Sensors Magazine, August 1999

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Roger W. Lockhart, How to Make PC-Based Measurements Without Writing Programs, Sensors Magazine, August 1999
25.Folder icon John C. Cole, Acceleration Data Acquisition Using a Sigma-delta Converter, Sensors Magazine, July 1999
26.Folder icon Robert Schreiber, A Low-Cost Data Acquisition System, Sensors Magazine, Juny 1999
27.Folder icon Gary Marchuk, Coming Up with the Right Control and Data Acquisition Software, Sensors Magazine, June 1999
28.Folder icon Jim Balent, When Real Time Is Fast Enough, Sensors Magazine, June 1999
29.Folder icon Chad Chesney, Data Acquisition Software: Today and Tomorrow, Sensors Magazine, March 1999
30.Folder icon Steve Resweber, Remote Data Acquisition Phones Home, Sensors Magazine, February 1999
31.Folder icon Tim Hitz, The Digitally Sampled System: How Fast Is Fast Enough ? Sensors Magazine, February 1999

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Jon Semancik, 4-Wire Measurement, Sensors Magazine, May 2001
33.Folder icon Tanja C. Hofner, Boost Your Sampling Rate with Time-Interleaved Data Converters, Sensors Magazine, February 2001
34.Folder icon Kosta Ilic and Lokesh Duraiappah, Synchronizing Computer-Based Measurement Systems, Sensors Magazine, February 2001
35.Folder icon Mark Cejer, Data Acquisition Software - Choices, Choices, Choices, Part 1, Sensors Magazine, September 2002
36.Folder icon Mark Cejer, Data Acquisition Software - Choices, Choices, Choices, Part 2, Sensors Magazine, October 2002
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Gregg S. Gustafson, Linda J. Chapman, Data Acquisition Getting Smaller, InTech, July 2004
38.Folder icon Brian Betts, The Future of Data Acquisition
39.Folder icon Benefits of Simultaneous Data Acquisition
40.Folder icon Benefits and Potential Dangers of Using USB for Test & Measurement Applications
41.Folder icon Benefits of the PCI Bus for Data Acquisition
42.Folder icon Benefits of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) for Data Acquisition
43.Folder icon High-Performance Data Acquisition on USB
44.Folder icon Understanding and optimising data acquisition - Part 1
45.Folder icon Understanding and optimising data acquisition - Part 2






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[4]. Driscoll F. F., Coughlin R. F., Villanucci R. S., Data Acquisition and Process Control with the M68HC11 Microcontroller

[5]. Mihura B., LabVIEW for Data Acquisition (book and CD-ROM edition)

[6]. LabVIEW for Everyone





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