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New Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors from IST AG -  The Hygrochip series digital humidity sensors combine the advantages of a precise capacitive humidity sensor element with the high integration density and functionality of an ASIC at http://www.ist-usadivision.com The integrated signal processor receives the measured data and directly delivers the physical parameters of relative humidity and temperature over an I2C compatible interface. Both nonlinearity and temperature dependence are corrected "OnChip" by computation, ensuring outstanding accuracy (±1.8% rH, ±0.2°C) for a wide range of applications. Compared with monolithic solutions, the new digital humidity modules offer major performance advantages. The consistent high quality from IST AG is guaranteed by the use of the P14 humidity sensor, featuring a high performance polymer. The P14 sensor is characterized by high chemical resistance, ability to recover after dew formation, and excellent long term stability in critical application areas with high humidity ...



Articles, Papers and References

Handbook of Laboratory Measurements


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