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Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems

Ultrasonic Level and Flow Sensor Offers Early Flood Warning - Offering non-contact, remote, and wireless monitoring, battery-powered SonicSens 2 measures distance to water surface and automatically sends alerts to up to 16 phone numbers when level reaches specified thresholds. If alarm condition activates, it can also provide accelerated dial-in functionality, allowing rapid access to detailed information. Intelligent sensor features adjustable range settings, variable dead band/blanking distance, self-diagnostics, and alarm condition in event of echo loss ...




Level Sensors Manufacturers:

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Model 7100 (LevelMaster) - Digital Level Sensor combines hardware and software to address the unique custody and operational needs of tank level management

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SE01 - level sensor for liquids and solids. Ranges: 0.3 m ... 6 m to 0.6 m ... 35 m. Measuring frequency: 21-50 kHz

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EchoPod DX10 - level ultrasonic sensor with voltage and frequency output (976-2000 Hz); range 1.25 m; accuracy 3 mm

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DUT-E - Fuel level sensor. Length: 180 - 2000 mm; measurement inaccuracy ±1 %; frequency output 500-1500 Hz

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levelpro 6100 - advanced liquid level sensor, analog and digital output

pumppro 6150 - advanced liquid level sensor

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LL and LLE Series - Liquid Level Sensors with digital output

Electronic Sensors 


9025A - a state-of-the-art liquid level measurement instrument. Measurement range: 8-35 ft, 8-20 ft

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Aquagauge - digital level sensors

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KTE6000CS - level sensor. Ranges from 0...2.5 m water column (0…250 mbar) FS, 4...20 mA output

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Series 15, MTM/N10 - Miniature pressure transmitter for level measurement,10mH2O, 100mH2O, RS232, RS485

Series 44, PTM/N - Programmable pressure transmitter for level measurement, 0..50 mbar, 1...1000 bar, RS485 (MODBUS)

Series 70 - Datalogger for Level Measurement with Conductivity Module, 0...1 m, 0...250 m H2O; accuracy ± 0.25 %, RS485 interface

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Digiquartz® - Depth Sensor; precision water level measurements up to 700 m; typical application accuracy of 0.01 %

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EchoPod DX10 - Ultrasonic Sensor with Voltage & Frequency Output. Level 49.2" (1.25 m); accuracy 0.125" (3 mm); 976-2000 Hz. frequency output.

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Strela- fuel volume (level) sensors,  500-1500 Hz frequency output, interface RS232 or RS485 with data communication protocol "omnikomm" and MODBUS, 0-5 V, 0-7 V or 0-10 V  voltage output. Can be used with GPS-monitoring devices. Precision of level measurements, ±0.1% from length; Limits of additional conventional error < ±1.0 %

   Sapsan-control, Ltd.


F- fuel level sensor with frequency output, 500 ...1500 Hz, 0.1 % FS error


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Advanced Control Technology

 ACT Liquid Level Float Switches and Sensors


Handbook of Laboratory Measurements


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