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Digital Load Cell Display Supports TEDS-enabled Sensors. Scaleable to 5 digits, IPM500 Panel Mount Signal Conditioner with Digital Display supports sensors with TEDS ID recognition option per IEEE1451.4. TEDS option features auto-configuration, which minimizes error due to setup and re-installation. In addition to providing stable and regulated excitation voltage to sensor, unit also provides 0-10 Vdc and 4-20 mA analog output as well as RS232/RS485 and USB interface to be used with PLC, DAQ card, or computer ...




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1.Folder icon Digital Load Cells. A Comparative Review of Performance and Application Mesurement + Control, Journal of the Institute of Measurement and Control, pp. 13-16, Vol. 36/1, February 2003

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2.Folder icon "Digital" Load Cells Versus Standard Analog Load Cells
3. Folder icon Choosing Load Cells for Industrial Weighing
4. Folder icon Load Cells Theory: terms and definitions, physical configurations, errors, testing, design, conversion table
5. Folder icon T. Yan, B. E. Jones, J. Astrup, R. T. Rakowski, M. J. Tudor, S. P. Beeby and N. M. White, Stiff Load Cell with High Overload Capability and Direct Frequency Output
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7. Folder icon Continuous Acquisition from a Smart TEDS Load Cell Sensor
8. Folder icon Robert W. Bruns, The Helix Load Cell, Sensors Magazine, May 1998
9. Folder icon Jerome Johnston, Keith Coffey, Getting the Most out of Strain Gauge Load Cells, Sensors Magazine, May 2000
10.Folder icon Jean-Christophe Emery, Simplifying the Electronic Balance Load Cell, Sensors Magazine, June 2002
11.Folder icon Important Considerations in Selecting a Load Cell
12.Folder icon

Kenneth Watkins, Load Cells An Overview of their Design and Application


Abstract: reviews the basic technology of the strain gage load cell including design, model classifications, and performance specifications.  This paper includes typical application examples and a questionnaire to help determine specific requirements.



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