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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Utilizes Optical Technology - Incorporating optical sensor cap that is factory calibrated and requires no field calibration, Signet 2610 eliminates need for replacement of membrane and reference solutions when monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in wastewater treatment systems. Unit features measurement range of 0-20 mg/L with accuracies of 0.1 mg/L for 0-8 mg/L and 0.2 mg/L for 8-20 mg/L. Built-in Modbus RS485 and 4-20 mA current loop outputs provide interface to existing control systems ...





List of Oxygen Sensors Manufacturers:

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Model X100X - OEM Oxygen Sensor (accuracy 0.2-0.5 %, RS-232, 9600 baud and analog output). Medical and High-Altitude O2 Sensors for OEM Applications

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Models X1003/X1004/X1007- Oxygen Sensors, RS-232 interface. These modules are designed for incorporation in OEM instrument applications. An analog output may also be used with a buffer amplifier

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DO300 - intelligent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor model DO300 is a complete, self-contained dissolved oxygen measurement and data-logging unit. It is a RS-232 output sensor, which can measure dissolved oxygen as ppm or % saturation

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SBE 43F - is a frequency-output version of SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, and carries the same performance specifications.






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