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 New Freescale Xtrinsic Pressure Sensor Simplifies System Design for Location-based Services - Freescale Semiconductor [NYSE: FSL] introduces a new high-precision pressure sensor for altitude detection designed to help users further leverage advanced navigation capabilities and emerging location-based services such as GPS assist and e911. The Freescale Xtrinsic MPL3115A2 pressure sensor, based on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, complements the accelerometers and magnetometers in the Xtrinsic portfolio to meet the growing demand for these types of components in smart mobile devices ...




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K. Mutamba, M. Flath 1 , A. Sigurdardóttir and A. Vogt A., GaAs Pressure Sensor with Frequency Output Based on Resonant Tunneling Diodes (in PDF)

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Abstract - We report the integration of a CMOS thermal pressure sensor system for the range of 102 to 106 Pa. The operating principle of the sensor is based on the pressure-dependent heat transfer across the air gap separating a heat source from a heat sink. After completion of the double metal CMOS process the sensor structure is obtained by a fully CMOS-compatible sacrificial metal etching. The microsystem includes both sensor and a readout circuit. The interface circuit compensates for temperature effects and provides a bitstream at the system output representing the ambient pressure.


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Checklist: Selecting Pressure Transducers


Pressure transducers are found in numerous OEM applications, and they are used widely in process control. The  introduction of the microprocessor has increased the functionality and expanded the use of pressure transducers over the past 15 years.


Selecting the proper pressure transducer for any application requires a close look at the following criteria:


Check box  Isolation: Should a transducer be isolated from the medium being measured ? For corrosive, high-temperature, or viscous media, isolation is generally required. Frequently, a metal or ceramic diaphragm, with possibility a fill fluid, is incorporated.


Check box  Accuracy: Pressure instrumentation is available in  a wide range of accuracies. High accuracy devices usually have improved performance both with temperature changes and over time. Greater stability comes at a premium price.


Check box Pressure range: Commonly available ranges exist from vacuum to very high pressure, with vacuum, gauge, absolute, or differential pressure references. When selecting a transducer's range, it is desirable for the application's normal operating pressure to be 50-90 % of the range chosen.


Check box Temperature effects: Temperature changes have the greatest effect on a  pressure transducer's environmental performance. Most manufacturers provide temperature compensation specification that define thermal effects 

over a given range. Performance shown as a coefficient or error band is guaranteed over that temperature range. Outside of that range, larger errors should be anticipated.


Check box Vibration/shock effects: Vibration and shock are highly application-specific environmental issues. They should reviewed for fit with manufacturer's specifications


Check box Electrical effects: "CE"- marked products usually have built-in radio frequency interference (RFI), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. These are fast becoming a requirement for usage within today's operating environments.


Check box Hydraulic Applications: When applying transducers in hydraulic systems, it may be necessary to consider use of "snubbers" to dampen hydraulic spikes. These dampening devices prevent sensor failure due to overrange readings from phenomena such as "water hammer".


Check box Outputs: Transducer outputs are available in millivolt, voltage, current, frequency and pulse number signals. Digital outputs with communication capability are available as well. The 4-20 mA output is the simplest since it is usually a two-wire configuration.


Bob Torsiello,

product manager for transducer

at NOSHOK Inc.,

Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA 

Control Engineering Europe, Jan/Feb 2000, p.34



MEMS Pressure Sensors



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