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TEDS Interface Kit Supports IEEE 1451.4 Compliant Sensors. TEDS Interface Kit supports IEEE 1451.4 compliant sensors. Enabling communication with TEDS sensors over USB port of Windows PC, Model 400B76 features graphical interface that allows user to read TEDS from, and write TEDS to, sensors with single mouse click. Principle types of transducers supported include single axis and triaxial accelerometers, impact hammers, impedance heads, charge amplifiers, microphones, and microphone preamplifiers. Kit is invaluable for reading, verifying, and updating TEDS sensor information and format  ...



Plug-and-Play Sensors


In the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion regarding smart sensors, the IEEE 1451smart sensor standard, and how these technologies will impact the lives of scientists and engineers as they are adopted the mass market. Smart sensors, in their most evolved form, convert some physical phenomenon into digital information and provide that information in scaled engineering units to a multinode network of smart sensors. This information can be then be simply acquired and analyzed on a PC, with LabView for instance. However, the benefits and mass market adoption of smart sensors are far from being realized by most engineers and scientists, in large part due to the large technological leap and cost associated with the current smart sensor standards. Entire software and hardware infrastructures must change in order to make the current implementation of smart sensors a reality.


A soon-to-be adapted smart sensor standard, referred to as IEEE P1451.4, will provide many of the benefits of smart sensors, such as automatic detection, configuration, and calibration while retaining existing measurement architectures. By maintaining existing measurement architectures IEEE P1451.4-compliant hardware can preserve investments because it is backward compatible with traditional sensors and follows the existing  measurement hardware architecture model.


The architecture of an IEEE P1451.4 plug-and-play sensor consists of a TEDS (transducer electronic datasheet) and the analog sensor itself. The TEDS provides the configuration, scaling, and calibration information necessary to make a measurement through a mixed mode interface. This TEDS data is processed by the measurement hardware device driver and is used by the application development environment to reduce the programming burden and set-up time for any measurement system.


The Measurement and Automation Catalog 2004, National Instruments, USA.



IEEE 1451 Smart Transducer Interface


IEEE 1451.2 is an open standard that gives sensors makers a way to interface to different types of field buses. A standard transducer interface module (STIM) described by the standard includes the sensor interface, signal conditioning and conversion, calibration, linearization and basic communication. Some of the benefits of the new standard include:

  • Simplify the connectivity of transducers (sensors or actuators) to control systems or networks;

  • Allow the "plug and play" of 1451-compatible sensors and actuators with different control networks at the device level;

  • Allow sensor manufacturers / users to support multiple control networks.


NI Plug & Play Sensor Advisor


If you know what you need to measure, you can use the NI Plug & Play Sensor Advisor to find the TEDS sensor you need. Narrow your search results by specifying characteristics such as the accuracy range that the sensor's output must fall within, the level of ruggedization the sensor must have, and even the availability of its calibration data in the NI Virtual TEDS database.


Instrumentation Newsletter, National Instruments, 1st Quarter 2004



Designing a 1451.2 Smart Sensor (Online course)


Understanding the emerging IEEE 1451.2 Smart Sensor Standard is only the first step in developing a generic network enabled smart sensor. This lecture relates the experience of Analog Devices in understanding the background and concepts behind 1451 and their subsequent development of a 2 channel 1451.2 compliant transducer on its recently introduced family of MicroConverter® devices.



Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



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The sensors “plug & play” revolution has begun.


Abstract: In the installation and setup of a data acquisition system, time is money. According to a 2003 National Instruments data acquisition user survey, almost 20% of the total cost of developing a data acquisition system is incurred during system setup. Cumbersome wiring, sensor configuration, and manual data entry from paper sensor data sheets are time consuming and can lead to user error.

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Pressure, Load, and Torque Measurements Made Smarter and Easier





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