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Wi-Fi Temperature/Humidity Sensor - IUsed to monitor temperature (-4 to +140°F) and humidity in immediately surrounding environment, EL-WiFi-TH wirelessly transmits data via 802.11b-compliant network to PC. Data can be viewed using supplied graphical software package, and sensor will log readings until able to communicate again with PC application (max 60 days at 10 sec sample interval) if network connectivity is temporarily lost. Unit is powered by rechargeable battery, and range may be increased via Wi-Fi extenders ...





Articles, Papers and References

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Abstarct: Thermal characterization of IC packages and packaging technologies is becoming a very task in thermal engineering. To support this by measurements we developed a family of thermal test chips that allows a wide range of possible applications. Our chips are based on the same basic cell that is mainly covered by dissipating resistors and also contains a frequency output temperature sensor. These basic cells are organized into arrays of different size. These arrays are designed so that larger arrays can also be built for tiling up larger package cavities. The first member of the family. TMC81 has been manufactured and measurements show that the foals aimed all the design have been achieved.


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Abstract: A CMOS process-compatible wide-range temperature sensor with a CMOS digital output is described. With regard to accuracy, a temperature error smaller than 0.25 degree C RMS (with two second-order temperature compensation, an-on-chip one and an externally trimmable one) is measured performance of this integrated sensor , over the -50 to 150 degrees C targeted temperature range. Other important characteristics are the low sensor, over the -50 to 150 degrees C targeted temperature range. Other important characteristics are the low cost < 0.55 mW of power consumption and the duty-cycle modulated digital output signal, specially conditioned for on-chip digital signal processing or for a single-wire connection to an external processor. The characteristics of this sensor make it especially suitable for low-cost high-volume integrated microsystems over a wide range of fields, such as automotive, space, oil prospecting, and consumer electronics.


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Digital Temperature Sensor Selection Guide

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How to Simplify the Interface between Microcontroller and Temperature Sensor

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Temperature sensors related books are available for purchase online

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[1]. Ludwig Michalski, Temperature Measurement, 2nd Edition, 2001

[2]. Anton Bakker and Johan H. Huijsing, High-Accuracy CMOS Smart Temperature Sensors, 2000




Useful Temperature Resources:


1. Digital Temperature Sensing for Linux, DOS and Win95 - Brian C. Lane web site

2. Web Thermometer - utilities to measure the temperature remotely on the browser via HTTP or TCP/IP
3. Temperatures.com, About Temperature Sensors




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