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New Application Report on Inline Viscosity Measurement of Starch Adhesives - An application report is now available from Anton Paar which describes how the new L-Vis 510 inline process viscometer is used in the paper and packaging industry to measure dynamic viscosity of starch adhesives. The report covers an overview of starch adhesive applications, provides pictures and data for an installed system, and explains its benefits to production ...




A viscometer (also called viscosimeter) is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. For liquids with viscosities which vary with flow conditions, an instrument called a rheometer is used. Viscometers only measure under one flow condition. In general, either the fluid remains stationary and an object moves through it, or the object is stationary and the fluid moves past it.


At 20.00 degrees Celsius the viscosity of water is 1.002 mPa·s and its kinematic viscosity (ratio of viscosity to density) is 1.0038 mm2/s. These values are used for calibrating certain types of viscometer.




                                      List of Viscosity Sensors Manufacturers:

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SenGenuity, a division of Vectron International, is setting the pace for a significant leap forward in the $10 billion annual global sensor market by designing and manufacturing viscosity, gas and physical sensors. Vectron's unique combination of acoustic wave technology and advanced packaging expertise is creating a platform for change and innovation that is rapidly becoming the new standard for performance and reliability in critical data gathering applications. Our product platforms include viscosity sensors for fluid process control and oil condition monitoring, wireless capable temperature sensors, gas sensing for industrial applications and packaging expertise for high reliability extreme environment conditions.


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7827 / 7829 - High performance viscosity meter kits (Micro Motion);  frequency output



Handbook of Laboratory Measurements




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E. Benes, R. Thalhammer, M. Gröschl, H. Nowotny, S. Jary, Viscosity Sensor Based on a Symmetric Dual Quartz Thickness Shear Resonator, in Proceedings of 2003 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium & 17th European Frequency and Time Forum, Tampa, USA, 5-8 May 2003, Tu3B-3

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Arjan Quist, Ami Chand, Srinivasan Ramachandran, Dan Cohen and Ratnesh Lal, Piezoresistive Cantilever Based Nanoflow and Viscosity Sensor for Microchannels, Lab Chip, 2006, No.6, pp.1450 - 1454.


Abstract: Microfluidic channels are microreactors with a wide range of applications, including molecular separations based upon micro/nanoscale physicochemical properties, targeting and delivery of small amount of fluids and molecules, and patterned/directed growth. Their successful applications would require a detailed understanding of phenomena associated with the microscale flow of liquids through these channels, including velocity, viscosity and miscibility. Here we demonstrate a highly sensitive piezoresistive cantilever to measure flow properties in microfluidic channels. By milling down the legs of the piezoresistive cantilevers, we have achieved significantly higher mechanical sensitivity and a smaller spring constant, as determined by AFM. These cantilevers were used in microchannels to measure the viscosity and flow rate of ethylene glycol mixtures in water over a range of concentrations, as well as of low viscosity biologically relevant buffers with different serum levels. The sensor can be used alone or can be integrated in AFM systems for multidimensional study in micro and nanochannels. 

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Martin Gröschl, Rudolf Thalhammer, Ewald Benes, Helmut Nowotny, Viscosity Monitoring with a Quartz Crystal Thickness Shear Resonator, in Proceedings of 1st Alps Adria Acoustics Congress, Portoroz, Slovenia, 2003.


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