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Wireless Photoelectric Sensor Targets Dry Contact Qpplications - Operating on less than 100 µA of current, SureCross® Q45 Remote Device is capable of interfacing with isolated dry contacts or PNP outputs. Unit also features mode where it interfaces directly with NAMUR inductive proximity sensors. Combining self-contained battery, radio, and sensor, solution replaces wired systems with untethered communications, optimizing efficiency by monitoring and coordinating multiple machines and processes ...





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Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems

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Michael G. Corr and C. M. Okino. Networking Reconfigurable Smart Sensors. In Proceedings of SPIE: Enabling Technologies for Law Enforcement and Security, November, 2000.

Abstract: The advances in sensing devices and integrated circuit technology have allowed for the development of easily "reconfigurable smart sensor" products. Primarily utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components, we have developed reconfigurable smart sensor, consisting of a microprocessor, GPS receiver, RF transceiver, and sensor. The standard serial control interface allows for ease of interchangeability for upgrades in RF transmission schemes as well as customizing the sensing device (i.e. temperature, video images, IR, motion, Ethernet) per application. The result is a flexible module capable of gathering sensor data, local processing, and forwarding compressed information to a central location via other module. In this paper, we present our system infrastructure design and a cost function based geographical self-routing algorithm for networking reconfigurable smart sensors. The algorithm allows for the sensors to automatically negotiate in a geographical radial topology relative to a central location, utilizing other sensors as routes or hops for forwarding information to this central location. A number of these sensors are deployed in the field and performance measurements for routing times are analyzed and presented.

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Oliver Kasten, Marc Langheinrich, First Experiences with Bluetooth in the Smart-Its Distributed Sensor Network

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Chenyang Lu Brian M. Blum Tarek F. Abdelzaher John A. Stankovic Tian He, RAP: A Real-Time Communication Architecture for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks, In Proceedings on The 8th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS 2002) September 24 – 27, 2002 San Jose, California

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I. F. Akyildiz, W. Su, Y. Sankarasubramaniam and E. Cayirci, Wireless Sensor Networks: a Survey

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Richard Steigmann, WISA - Wireless Interface for Sensors and Actuators, Industrial Wireless Book, Issue 10:1

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Mike Dunbar, Where Wireless Sensor Communications and the Internet Meet, Sensors Magazine, September 2000

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Wayne W. Manges, Wireless Sensor Network Topologies, Sensors Magazine, May 2000

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Wayne W. Manges, Glenn O. Allgood, Stephen F. Smith, Timothy J. McIntyre, and Michael R. Moore, Eric Lightner, Intelligent Wireless Sensors for Industrial Manufacturing, Sensors Magazine, April 2000

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LabVIEW Drivers for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Embracing Innovation in Wireless Sensing

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Joanie Wexler, Bluetooth and ZigBee: compare and contrast: Different tools for different jobs, Technoworld, March 16, 05

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Glenn O. Allgood, Wayne W. Manges, Stephen F. Smith, It's Time for Sensors to Go Wireless; Part 1: Technological Underpinnings, Psrt I, Sensors Magazine, April 1999

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H. P. Le, K. Shah, J. Singh, A. Zayegh, Design and implementation of an optimised wireless pressure sensor for biomedical application, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, Volume 48, Number 1 / July, 2006, pp.21-31

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Building Low Power into Wireless Sensor Networks Using ZigBee Technology (ZigBee Standard Seminar)

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Edward Sazonov, Kerop Janoyan, Ratan Jha, Wireless Intelligent Sensor Network for Autonomous Structural Health Monitoring

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L. Smutny, Measurement and Control Systems with Smart Sensor and Actuators in Industrial LAN Environment

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Hakan Delic, Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues and Challenges, NATO ASI on Advances in Sensing with Security Applications, 17-30 July 2005, Il Ciocco, Italy

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Dermot Diamond, Merging Chemical and Biological Sensing with Wireless Networks, NATO ASI on Advances in Sensing with Security Applications, 17-30 July 2005, Il Ciocco, Italy

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Smart Sensor Networks

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Marcus Chang, Evaluation of Accelerometers Mounted on Wireless Sensor Motes, Technical Report No.06/02.

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Jerome P. Lynch; Aaron Partridge; Kincho H. Law; Thomas W. Kenny; Anne S. Kiremidjian; and Ed Carryer, Design of Piezoresistive MEMS-Based Accelerometer for Integration with Wireless Sensing Unit for Structural Monitoring, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, July 2003, pp.108-114.

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Rafic Bachnak, Wien Lohachit, Alex Sadovsky, Jack Esparza, Marc Mendez, Sensing in Shallow Water, InTech, May 2007

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Jim Stawitzky, Wireless Sensor Technology for Process Measurement

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Roger Allan, Wireless Sensor Architecture Uses Bluetooth Standard, Electronic Design, August 2000

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Harry Ostaffe, RF Energy Harvesting Enables Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensors Magazine, October 2009

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Wireless Sensor Networks – An Introduction to Technologies and Architectures

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Wireless Sensor Network Topologies and Mesh Networking

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Sartaj Sahni and Xiaochun Xu, Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2005

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Dipanjan Bhattacharjee et. al., Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Node, International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE), Vol. 02, No. 07, 2010, pp. 2431-2438





Bluetooth vs. ZIgBee





Frequency Band 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb
Network Range 1 or 100 m Up to 70 m
Data Rate 0.8 - 1 Mb/s 0.02 - 0.2 Mb/s
Protocol Stack Size 250 Kbyte 28 Kbyte
Network Join Time 3 s 30 ms
Cost Low Lower
Power Low Lower
Application Focus Cable replacement Monitoring and Control
Problems Speed and interference issues Very less communication range, low data-rate



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