Bullet  Sensor Letters

     (ISSN 1546-198X)  Vol./Iss.: 4, 4



Date: December 2006



Cd(II) PVC-Based Membrane Sensor Based on N'-[1-(2-furyl)methylidene]-2-furohydrazide
Hassan Ali Zamani, Mohammad Reza Ganjali, and Mahdi Adib
Sensor Lett. 4, 345–350 (2006)

Luminescence Thermography with Memory Effect Based on the Emission of Chromium Impurities in Electron-Irradiated Al2O3-Ceramics
M. König, F. P. Kalz, U. Bogner, and R. Bauer
Sensor Lett. 4, 351–355 (2006)

Synthesis of a New Octadentates Schiff’s Base and Its Application in Construction of a Highly Selective and Sensitive Lanthanum (III) Membrane Sensor
M. R. Ganjali, M. B. Gholivand, M. Rahimi-Nasrabadi, B. Maddah, M. Salavati-Niasari, and F. Ahmadi
Sensor Lett. 4, 356–363 (2006)

Sealprint Image Identification by Image Auto-Registration and Image Phase Matching
Ching-Liang Su
Sensor Lett. 4, 364–370 (2006)

Fast Response Methane Sensor Based on Pd(Ag)/ZnO/Zn MIM Structure
P. Bhattacharyya, P. K. Basu, H. Saha, and S. Basu
Sensor Lett. 4, 371–376 (2006)

Use of the Extended Kalman Filter for State Dependent Drift Estimation in Weakly Nonlinear Sensors
Arsenia Chorti, Dimosthenis Karatzas, Neil M. White, and Chris J. Harris
Sensor Lett. 4, 377–379 (2006)

Effect of Decomposition Temperature on Electrical and Gas Sensing Properties of Nano SnO2 Based Thick Film Resistors
A. D. Garje and R. C. Aiyer
Sensor Lett. 4, 380–387 (2006)


Board Level Integrated Microsystem Design and Associated Technique for Impedance Analysis of Resonator Sensors
Kefeng Zeng, Keat Ghee Ong, Xiping Yang, and Craig A. Grimes
Sensor Lett. 4, 388–397 (2006)


Analysis of On-Chip Impedance Spectroscopy Methodologies for Sensor Arrays
Daniel Rairigh, Andrew Mason, and Chao Yang
Sensor Lett. 4, 398–402 (2006)


Correlation Between Human Panel and Electronic Tongue Responses on the Analysis of Commercial Sweeteners
Danielle S. Dyminski, Leonardo G. Paterno, Humberto H. Takeda, Helena M. A. Bolini, L. H. C. Mattoso, and L. M. B. Cândido
Sensor Lett. 4, 403–408 (2006)


Energy-Efficient Jointly Sensing Nodes Selection with Information Accuracy Constraint in Wireless Sensor Networks
Huifang Li, Shengming Jiang, and Gang Wei
Sensor Lett. 4, 409–415 (2006)


Enhanced Electron Transfer and Catalytic Activity of Cyanocobalamin with b-Cyclodextrin
Rongwu Yang, Xinjian Liu, Zhiqiang Zhu, Shanli Liu, and Genxi Li
Sensor Lett. 4, 416–418 (2006)


Hydrogen Gas Sensor Based on SbxOy Nanostructures with a Langasite Substrate
Rashidah Arsat, Soo Joy Tan, Wojtek Wlodarski, and Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh
Sensor Lett. 4, 419–425 (2006)


Sensor for Simultaneous High Accurate Measurements of Three-Dimensional Points
José L. Lázaro, Jean M. Lavest, Carlos A. Luna, and Alfredo Gardel
Sensor Lett. 4, 426–432 (2006)


Electrical Characterization of Porous Silicon Vapor Sensor with Metal Contacts on Silicon
T. Islam and H. Saha
Sensor Lett. 4, 440–445 (2006)


Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solutions by Phthalocyanine Coated Quartz Crystal Microbalance
C. Çoban and E. Demirbas
Sensor Lett. 4, 446–451 (2006)


Quantum Dots Open New Trends in Biosensor Evolution
Rumiana Bakalova, Zhivko Zhelev, and Hideki Ohba
Sensor Lett. 4, 452–454 (2006)


An Oxygen Sensor Based on Ru(bpy)32+/Agar Gel Modified Electrode for the Determination Dissolved Oxygen in Organic Solvents
Jin Guan, Baoqiang Lv, Zaide Zhou, Xiandeng Hou, and Dan Xiao
Sensor Lett. 4, 455–459 (2006)








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