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     (ISSN 1546-198X)  Vol./Iss.: 5, 2



Date: June 2007



Gas Detection by Semiconductor Ceramics: Tin Oxide as Improved Sensing Material
Gemma G. Mandayo
Sensor Lett. 5, 341–360 (2007)



A Micro-Vibration Measurement Method Based on Isostrain Cantilever and Cascade Self-Demodulated FBG Pair
Jian Yang, Yong Zhao, Shi-Yuan Yang, Chang-Wei Liu, and Xing-Jie Ni
Sensor Lett. 5, 361–365 (2007)

A Fractal Analysis of the Binding Kinetics of the Heat-Shock Protein Chaperone DnaK on a SPR Biosensor Surface
Bret A. Morris and Ajit Sadana
Sensor Lett. 5, 366–373 (2007)

Detection of Chloroform with a Sensor Array Consisting of Electrochemically Deposited Polythiophenes Films: Processes Governing the Electrical Response
Eduarda R. Carvalho, Alessandra A. Correa, Nelson Consolin Filho, Osvaldo N. Oliveira, Jr., Henrique L. Gomes, Luiz Henrique C. Mattoso, and Ladislau Martin-Neto
Sensor Lett. 5, 374–379 (2007)

An Inhibitor-Type Competitive Analysis Model for Sensors with Small Sensitive Surface Area
A. S. Pavluchenko and B. A. Snopok
Sensor Lett. 5, 380–386 (2007)

Planar Microstructures Using Modified Surface Micromachining Process
Vivekanand Bhatt and Sudhir Chandra
Sensor Lett. 5, 387–391 (2007)

Room-Temperature Infrared Radiation Detection Using n-Type PtSi/Porous Si
Farshid Raissi, Alireza Erfanian, and Sattar Mirzakuchaki
Sensor Lett. 5, 392–394 (2007)

A Planar Optical Waveguide Sensor for Hydrogen Sulfide Detection
Abdukader Abdukayum, Abliz Yimit, Mamtimin Mahmut, and Kiminori Itoh
Sensor Lett. 5, 395–397 (2007)


Development of a Capillary Biosensor for Helicobacter hepaticus
Theodore Thomas, Lela Riley, Dave Grant, and Sheila A. Grant
Sensor Lett. 5, 398–404 (2007)


Detection of Lactose in Milk Samples Using a Wireless Multi-Enzyme Biosensor
Wenyue Yang, Pengfei Pang, Xianjuan Gao, Qingyun Cai, Kefeng Zeng, and Craig A. Grimes
Sensor Lett. 5, 405–410 (2007)


Locating the Position and Orientation of An Image by the Automatic Image Registration Technique
Ching-Liang Su
Sensor Lett. 5, 411–415 (2007)


Mechanistic Approach of Acetonitrile Sensing Over In2O3 and PdO Impregnated with LaCoO3 Perovskite
A. V. Salker and Duk-Dong Lee
Sensor Lett. 5, 416–420 (2007)


Detection of C-Reactive Protein Using BioFET and Extended Gate
Young-Soo Sohn, Sang-Kwon Lee, and Sie-Young Choi
Sensor Lett. 5, 421–424 (2007)


Quantification of Blood Clotting Kinetics I: Determination of Activated Clotting Times as a Function of Heparin Concentration Using Magnetoelastic Sensors
Kefeng Zeng, Somnath C. Roy, and Craig A. Grimes
Sensor Lett. 5, 425–431 (2007)


Quantification of Blood Clotting Kinetics II: Thromboelastograph Analysis and Measurement of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Using Magnetoelastic Sensors
Somnath C. Roy, Keat G. Ong, Kefeng Zeng, and Craig A. Grimes
Sensor Lett. 5, 432–440 (2007)


An Oxygen Sensor Based on Fluorescence Quenching of Ru(bpy)2(dpp)2+ Immobilized on Sol–Gel-Derived Porous Silica Coatings
Lan Li, Xiaokang Gao, Baoqiang Lv, Zaide Zhou, and Dan Xiao
Sensor Lett. 5, 441–444 (2007)


A Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Sensor for the Determination of p-Nitrophenol or 2,4-Dinitrophenol Based on Fluorescence Quenching
Wenxiang Xiao, Dan Xiao, and Hongyan Yuan
Sensor Lett. 5, 445–449 (2007)


Design and Optimization of an Ultra-Sensitive Piezoresistive Accelerometer for Continuous Respiratory Sound Monitoring
Zhuo Wang and Yong Xu
Sensor Lett. 5, 450–458 (2007)




Electrochemical Deposition of Composite Films Composed of Polyaniline and Chitosan for Biosensor Applications
Qiang Liu, Xinhua Xu, Chunhuai Zhang, and Qiang Chen
Sensor Lett. 5, 459–462 (2007)


An Electrochemical Study of Myoglobin Entrapped in Three Kinds of Films
Guifang Chen, Xiang Ma, Xin Zhang, Junyi Huang, and Genxi Li
Sensor Lett. 5, 463–466 (2007)


Preparation and Properties of a Leaky Hydrogen Pump-Gauge
H. Kaneko, T. Kawabata, E. Tada, and W. C. Maskell
Sensor Lett. 5, 467–470 (2007)








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