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Date: April 2009



H2 Sensing Properties of the Flowerlike Clusters of SnO2 Submicrotubes
Jin Mu, Hua Sun, and Shi-Zhao Kang
Sensor Lett. 7, 105-109 (2009)
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Facile One-Step Solid-State Chemical Synthesis and Gas-Sensing Property of ZnO Nanorods
Yali Cao, Dianzeng Jia, Yudai Huang, Ruiying Wang, and Ying Sun
Sensor Lett. 7, 110-113 (2009)
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Fabrication of an Iron-PVC Membrane Sensor Based on 5-Amino-3-Methyl-1-Phenyl-1H-Pyrazole-4-Carboxamide
Hassan Ali Zamani, Ghadir Rajabzadeh, and Mohammad Reza Ganjali
Sensor Lett. 7, 114-118 (2009)
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New Zn(II)-Selective Potentiometric Sensor Based on 3-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoic Hydrazide
Mohammad Bagher Gholivand, Mohsen Shahlaei, and Alireza Pourhossein
Sensor Lett. 7, 119-125 (2009)
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Parameter Extraction of Capacitive MEMS Switch and Influence of Perforated Bridges Using Shorted Test Structures
Preeti Sharma and Shiban K. Koul
Sensor Lett. 7, 126-132 (2009)
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Camera to Emitter Distance Estimation Using Pixel Grey-Levels
J. L. Lázaro Galilea, Angel Cano-García, O. Esteban, and Yamilet Pompa-Chacón
Sensor Lett. 7, 133-142 (2009)
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Nano-Polyaniline Thin Films as Humidity Sensors Prepared Using Spin Coating Technique
Deepak Verma and V. Dutta
Sensor Lett. 7, 143-147 (2009)
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Kinetic Study on the Interaction Between 5-Sulfosalicyclic Acid and Bovine Serum Albumin with a Wireless
Magnetoelastic Biosensor

Xianjuan Gao, Yujun Zhang, Chuntao Zhao, Xiaolei Sheng, and Ruiyan Zhen
Sensor Lett. 7, 148-152 (2009)
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Screen-Printed Glucose Oxidase-Based Biosensor for Inhibitive Detection of Heavy Metal Ions in a Flow Injection System
Maria Rachele Guascito, Cosimino Malitesta, Elisabetta Mazzotta, and Antonio Turco
Sensor Lett. 7, 153-159 (2009)
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Effect of Probe Structure on Temperature Sensitivity of Oxygen Luminescent Sensors
Biqing Jin, Demin Jia, Yong Lin, Yi Shi, and Liusheng Chen
Sensor Lett. 7, 160-166 (2009)
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Influence of Humidity on Parameters of Amperometric Sensor with Nafion Membrane
J. Ge¸ bicki and B. Chachulski
Sensor Lett. 7, 167-176 (2009)
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Development a Simple PVC Membrane Bulk Optode for Determination of Lead Ions in Water Samples
Ali A. Ensafi and Masoud Fouladgar
Sensor Lett. 7, 177-184 (2009)
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Effect of Non-Catalytic and Catalytic Electrode Contacts on Pd Modified Porous Silicon for Hydrogen Sensing
J. Kanungo, H. Saha, and S. Basu
Sensor Lett. 7, 185-190 (2009)
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Dynamic Compensation of Electrical Runout in Eddy Current Contactless Measurements of
Non-Stationary Ferromagnetic Target

Petar B. Petrovic and Zivana Jakovljevic
Sensor Lett. 7, 191-202 (2009)
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Polymer-Coated Quartz Microbalance Sensors for Volatile Organic Compound Gases
V. L. Strashilov, G. E. Alexieva, V. N. Velichkov, R. P. Mateva, and I. D. Avramov
Sensor Lett. 7, 203-211 (2009)
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