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Date: April 2010



Novel Gas Ionization Sensors Using Carbon Nanotubes
Yong Zhang, Junhua Liu, and Changchun Zhu
Sensor Lett. 8, 219-227 (2010)
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An Electrochemical Sensing Platform Based on a New Zinc Complex for the Determination of
Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitrite

Rui Rui Zhuang, Fang Fang Jian, and KeFei Wang
Sensor Lett. 8, 228-232 (2010)
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Monitoring of C-Reactive Protein Using Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor Biosensor
Hye-Jung Park, Sang Kyu Kim, Kyoungsook Park, So Yeon Yi, Jin Woong Chung, Bong Hyun Chung, and Moonil Kim
Sensor Lett. 8, 233-237 (2010)
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Synthesis and Formaldehyde Sensing Properties of Pd-Doped SnO2 Nanoparticles
Ting Chen, Qiuying Mu, Zhenlai Zhou, and Yude Wang
Sensor Lett. 8, 238-242 (2010)
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Nanosize SnO2 for Highly Responsive Gas Sensor Application
Hao Liu, Jinsoo Park, and Guoxiu Wang
Sensor Lett. 8, 243-246 (2010)
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Multiwall Carbon Nanotube-Based Acetylcholinesterase Biosensor for Detecting
Organophosphorous Pesticides

Xia Sun, Xiangyou Wang, and Wenping Zhao
Sensor Lett. 8, 247-252 (2010)
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Mass Loading Effect of High Aspect Ratio Structures Grown Over Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators
N. Ramakrishnan, Roy Paily Palathinkal, and Harshal B. Nemade
Sensor Lett. 8, 253-257 (2010)
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Effect of Non-Uniform Adsorption of Proteins on the Response of Microdiaphragm Based Biosensors
M. Olfatnia, T. Xu, J. M. Miao, and L. S. Ong
Sensor Lett. 8, 258-261 (2010)
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Development of Amperometric Biosensor for Phenolic Compounds Using a Modified Electrode with
Poly(GMA-co-MTM) and Laccase

Meral Topcu Sulak, Elif Erhan, Bulent Keskinler, Faruk Y?lmaz, and Asuman Celik
Sensor Lett. 8, 262-267 (2010)
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Oxcarbazepine Analysis by Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry Using Silver Nanoparticle-Modified Carbon
Screen-Printed Electrodes

Olga Domínguez-Renedo, M. Encarnación Burgoa Calvo, M. Asunción Alonso-Lomillo, and M. Julia Arcos-Martínez
Sensor Lett. 8, 268-272 (2010)
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Acetylcholinesterase-Polyprrole Modified Gold Electrode for Determination of Pesticides
Meral Topcu Sulak
Sensor Lett. 8, 273-279 (2010)
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Spectrofluorimetric Determination of Cefixime in Pharmaceutical Preparation and Biological Fluids Using
Calcein as a Fluorescence Probe

Nausheen Bukhari, Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Warthan, Saikh Mohammad Wabaidur, Zeid Al Othman,
Muhammad Javid, and Sajjad Haider

SSensor Lett. 8, 280-284 (2010)
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Monitoring Trace Amounts of Silver(I) in Water Samples Using a Potentiometric Sensor Based on

Moslem Mohammadi, Mehdi Khodadadian, Mohammad Kazem Rofouei, Armin Beiza, and Ali Reza Jalalvand
Sensor Lett. 8, 285-291 (2010)
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Optical Fiber Coated with Nanocrystalline Tin Oxide for Ammonia Vapour Sensing
Balusamy Renganathan, Govindan Gobi, Dillibabu Sastikumar, Ramasamy Srinivasan, and
Arumugam Chandra Bose

Sensor Lett. 8, 292-296 (2010)
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Copper Ion Selective Membrane Electrode Based on Bis(salphenH2) Derivatives
Chaegyung Lee, Dong Wan Kim, Junghwan Kim, Mi-Hyi Yang, Myong Yong Choi, and Jae Sang Kim
Sensor Lett. 8, 297-302 (2010)
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Determination of Erbium Ions in Water Samples by a PVC Membrane Erbium-Ion Selective Electrode
Hassan Ali Zamani, Majid Mohammadhosseini, Mehdi Nekoei, and Mohammad Reza Ganjali
Sensor Lett. 8, 303-307 (2010)
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A Novel Amidothiourea Based Multisensing Anion Chemosensor Bearing a Monopyrrolotetrathiafulvalene

Ruibin Hou, Chang Su, Yuhe Kan, Liying Gu, and Bingzhu Yin
Sensor Lett. 8, 308-313 (2010)
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A Sensitive Magnetic Field Sensor Utilizing the Giant Magneto-Impedance Effect in Field-Annealed
Co-Based Amorphous Ribbons

Yanwei Jiang, Jiancheng Fang, Sansheng Wang, and Yujun Song
Sensor Lett. 8, 314-319 (2010)
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An Optical Fiber Biosensor for Heavy Metal Ions Based on a Modified Single Sol-Gel Film of Urease and
Chlorophenol Red in Flow System

A. A. Gani, M. R. Ashari, and B. Kuswandi
Sensor Lett. 8, 320-327 (2010)
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Energy Harvesting for Remote Monitoring of Aircraft Seats
D. Samson, M. Kluge, T. Becker, and U. Schmid
Sensor Lett. 8, 328-335 (2010)
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Fluorescent Probes for Silver Detection Employing Phthalocyanines in Polymer Matrices
Sevinc Zehra Topal, Ay?e Gül Gürek, Kadriye Ertekin, Devrim Atilla, Berrin Yenigul, and Vefa Ahsen
Sensor Lett. 8, 336-343 (2010)
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Piezoresistive Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Filled Cement-Based Composites
Baoguo Han, Xun Yu, Eil Kwon, and Jinping Ou
Sensor Lett. 8, 344-348 (2010)
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Characterisation of an Optical Redox Sensor for Determination of Ascorbic Acid
S. Rastegarzadeh and M. Fatahinia
Sensor Lett. 8, 349-354 (2010)
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Green Synthesis of Indium Oxide Hollow Spheres with Specific Sensing Activities for
Flammable Organic Vapors

Yidong Zhang, Gangcheng Jiang, Ka Wai Wong, and Zhi Zheng
Sensor Lett. 8, 355-361 (2010)
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Electrochemical Impedance Immunosensor for the Detection of C-Reactive Protein in Aqueous Solution
Rajesh, Vikash Sharma, Vinod Kumar Tanwar, and A. M. Biradar
Sensor Lett. 8, 362-369 (2010)
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High-Sensitivity Electro-Optic-Modulated Surface Plasmon Resonance Measurement Using
Multilayer Waveguide-Coupled Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors

Kun Wang, Zheng Zheng, Yalin Su, Yanmei Wang, Zhiyou Wang, Lusheng Song, Jim Diamond, and Jinsong Zhu
Sensor Lett. 8, 370-374 (2010)
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