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     (ISSN 1546-198X)  Vol./Iss.: 9/6



Date: December 2011



Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the 7th Maghreb-Europe Meeting on Materials and Their Applications for Devices and Sensors (MADICA 2010)
Guest Editor: Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2115 (2011)




Urea Impedimetric Biosensor Based on Modified Gold Microelectrode with 2-Amino-6-Purinethiol
H. Barhoumi, A. Maaref, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2116-2122 (2011)


Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Bulk Semiconductors Using a Normalisation Procedure of Photopyroelectric Technique
Inés Abdelaziz, Iméne Mellouki, and Nouredine Yacoubi
Sensor Lett. 9, 2123-2126 (2011)


Effect of Nature of Polymeric Matrix on the Impedimetric Detection of Cobalt with a Calix[6]arene Based Membrane/Gold Electrode
Nadir Meini, Rochdi Kherrat, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2127-2129 (2011)


Detection of E.Coli Bacteria Using Impedance Spectroscopy and Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Based Biosensor
M. B. Mejri, H. Baccar, T. Ktari, M. Aouni, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 9, 2130-2132 (2011)


Preparation and Characterization of Transparent Conducting Oxides Based on Zinc Oxide o-Doped with Fluorine and Indium
A. Douayar, R. Diaz, F. Cherkaoui El Moursli, and M. Abd-Lefdil
Sensor Lett. 9, 2133-2136 (2011)


Impacts of Excimer Laser Annealing on Shallow B-Doped Back-Surface for Back-Illuminated CMOS Imagers Applications
Z. Ait Fqir Ali-Guerry, D. Dutartre, R. Beneyton, P. Normandon, and G.-N. Lu
Sensor Lett. 9, 2137-2140 (2011)


A Novel Capacitive Biosensor for Urea Assay Based on Modified Magnetic Nanobeads
Y. Sahraoui, H. Barhoumi, A. Maaref, and Jaffrezic-Renault Nicole
Sensor Lett. 9, 2141-2146 (2011)


SUDOSCAN Device for the Early Detection of Diabetes: In Vitro Measurement versus Results of Clinical Tests
Hanna Ayoub, Virginie Lair, Sophie Griveau, Philippe Brunswick, Fethi Bédioui, and Michel Cassir
Sensor Lett. 9, 2147-2149 (2011)


Elaboration and Characterization of Ca Doped ZnO Films Prepared by rf-Magnetron Sputtering at Room Temperature
H. Mahdhi, Z. Ben Ayadi, L. El Mir, K. Djessas, and S. Alaya
Sensor Lett. 9, 2150-2153 (2011)


Elaboration and Characterization of pH Sensor Based on Polypyrrole Nanowires
M. Braiek, H. Barhoumi, A. Maaref, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2154-2157 (2011)


Elaboration and dc-ac Electrical Characterization of Silica-Carbon Nanocomposite
H. Dahman, S. Gouadria, and L. El Mir
Sensor Lett. 9, 2158-2161 (2011)


A Novel All Optical AND Logic Gate Based on Nonlinear Photonic Crystal
L. Dekkiche, R. Naoum, and H. Hamam
Sensor Lett. 9, 2162-2164 (2011)


Optimal Design of 60-Degree Bend in Two Dimensional Photonic Crystal Waveguides
L. Dekkiche and R. Naoum
Sensor Lett. 9, 2165-2167 (2011)


Design of a Demultiplexer Based on Crystal Photonics
N. Dib, R. Naoum, and F. Salah-Belkhodja
Sensor Lett. 9, 2168-2170 (2011)


Effect of Nickel Concentration on Electrical Properties of Carbon-Nickel Nanocomposite
N. Ben Mansour, I. Najeh, H. Dahman, and L. El Mir
Sensor Lett. 9, 2171-2174 (2011)


Surface Passivation Effects on AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors with SiO2
Malek Gassoumi, Christophe Gaquiere, and Hassen Maaref
Sensor Lett. 9, 2175-2177 (2011)


Characterization of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor Grown on Silicon Carbide Devices with a Gate Length Lg = 0.15 µm
Malek Gassoumi, Mohamed Mongi Ben Salem, Salah Saadaoui, Walf Chikhaoui, Christophe Gaquière, and Hassen Maaref
Sensor Lett. 9, 2178-2181 (2011)


Analysis and Modelling of Negative Capacitance in p-Type a-SiC:H/Intrinsic a-Si:H/n-Type a-Si:H Heterostructures
A. Torchani, R. Gharbi, M. Abdelkrim, M. Fathallah, and E. Tresso
Sensor Lett. 9, 2182-2185 (2011)


Characterization of CuInS2 Thin Films Deposited by Radio-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering from Nanoparticles Synthesized by Solvothermal Route
F. Ghribi, L. El Mir, H. Dahman, Z. Ben Ayadi, K. Djessas, and S. Alaya
Sensor Lett. 9, 2186-2189 (2011)


Micro-Macro Correlation in Ferroelectric Materials: Depolarization Mechanism Owing Mechanical Stress
Abdelowahed Hajjaji, Mohamed Rguiti, Yahia Boughaleb, Zina Sassi, Sophie D'Astorg, Rith Ly, Christian Courtois, Gérard Moreau, and Anne Leriche
Sensor Lett. 9, 2190-2193 (2011)


Effect of the Yttrium Iron Garnet Thickness on the Value of the Integrated Inductor
Z. Kari, H. Dib, J. J. Rousseau, A. Désiré, and W. Tebboune
Sensor Lett. 9, 2194-2196 (2011)


Distance Estimation Error from Direct Measurement of the RSSI. The Use of Link Quality Indicator for Obtaining a Global Vision of the Network
Maziyar Daemitabalvandani, Josep Sabater, Jordi Sabater, and Manel López
Sensor Lett. 9, 2197-2202 (2011)


A Label-Free Interdigitated Microelectrodes Immunosensor for Pesticide Detection
M. Marrakchi, I. Campos Sánchez, S. Helali, N. Mejri, J. Soto Camino, M. A. Gonzalez-Martinez, M. Hamdi, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 9, 2203-2206 (2011)


Electrokinetic Microfluidic Mixing
Louis Renaud and Pascal Kleimann
Sensor Lett. 9, 2207-2210 (2011)


The dc Electrical Characterization of Hg d -GaN/n-GaAs Devices, with Different Thicknesses of the GaN Thin Layers
N. Zougagh, Z. Benamara, H. Mazari, N. Benseddik, K. Ameur, G. Monier, L. Bideux, and B. Gruzza
Sensor Lett. 9, 2211-2214 (2011)


Immobilization of Phosphane Sulfide Derivative Molecule on Si/SiO2/Si3N4 Electrode for Ion Detection
Y. Bergaoui, J. Chermiti, T. Ktari, N. Fourati, C. Zerrouki, M. Ben Ali, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 9, 2215-2218 (2011)


Cysteine Inhibitor Effects on Copper Corrosion in 1 M HNO3 Solution
Amel Sedik, Sihem Abderrahmane, and Abdelaziz Himour
Sensor Lett. 9, 2219-2222 (2011)


Structural and Optical Properties of Ternary Semiconductor Alloy Cd0.5Zn0.5Te
G. El Hallani, A. Gassoumi, N. Achargui, F. Miloua, N. Hassanain, L. Laanab, A. Mzerd, M. Loghmarti, A. Arbaoui, and E. K. Hlil
Sensor Lett. 9, 2223-2225 (2011)


Elaboration and Characterization of Film of ZnO for Oxygen Gas Sensor at Room Temperature
ElMehdi ElAkrmi, Nawfel Sakly, Rafik Ben Chaâbane, and Hafedh Ben Ouada
Sensor Lett. 9, 2226-2228 (2011)


Potential of a Portable Electronic Nose for Control Quality of Moroccan Traditional Fresh Cheeses
Z. Haddi, A. Amari, F. E. Annanouch, A. Ould Ali, N. El Bari, and B. Bouchikhi
Sensor Lett. 9, 2229-2231 (2011)


Impedimetric Urea Biosensor Based on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWNCT-COOH) and Polypyrrole
S. Bourigua, A. Errachid, S. Dzyadevych, A. Maaref, and N. Jaffrezic Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2232-2235 (2011)


Elaboration, Characterization of Alloys Nanocrystalline Fe1 - x - yAlxCry Obtained by Grinding High Energy
R. Chater, R. Rehamnia, and D. Chaanbi
Sensor Lett. 9, 2236-2240 (2011)


Optical Thin Film Sensing of Metal Ions Based on a New Chromogenic Calix[4]arene Derivative
R. Ebdelli, A. Rouis, J. Davenas, I. Bonnamour, and H. Ben Ouada
Sensor Lett. 9, 2241-2244 (2011)


Non-Linear Effects in Hopping Conduction of Nanoporous Carbon
I. Najeh, N. Ben Mansour, H. Dahman, and L. El Mir
Sensor Lett. 9, 2245-2248 (2011)


Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor Combining Gravimetric and Electrochemical Transductions: Application for Atrazine Detection
Y. Lattach, N. Fourati, C. Zerrouki, J. M. Fougnion, F. Garnier, and S. Remita
Sensor Lett. 9, 2249-2252 (2011)


Implantable In Situ Real Time Dosimetry Using GaN as Scintillation Material
J. M. Galvan, P. Pittet, G. N. Lu, K. Sanchez-Guerrero, A. Ismail, J. Y. Giraud, and J. Balosso
Sensor Lett. 9, 2253-2256 (2011)


Electronic Properties of GaSb Based Heterostructure for 3 µm Emission
A. Jdidi, S. Abdi-Ben Nassrallah, N. Sfina, M. Saïd, and J.-L. Lazzari
Sensor Lett. 9, 2257-2260 (2011)


Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIP) Based Electrochemical Sensor for Detection of Urea and Creatinine
B. Khadro, A. Betatache, C. Sanglar, A. Bonhommé, A. Errachid, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2261-2264 (2011)


Effect of Sol-Gel Modifications on Characteristics of Silica Spherical Microresonators
Vlastimil Matejec, Michal Jelinek, Filip Todorov, Miroslav Chomát, Václav Kubecek, Daniela Berková, and TomᚠMartan
Sensor Lett. 9, 2265-2267 (2011)


Study of the Characteristics Current-Voltage and Capacity-Voltage of Hg/GaN/GaAs Structures
K. Ameur, H. Mazari, S. Tizi, R. Khelifi, Z. Benamara, N. Benseddik, A. Chaib, N. Zougagh, M. Mostefaoui, L. Bideux, G. Monier, B. Gruzza, and C. Robert-Goumet
Sensor Lett. 9, 2268-2271 (2011)


Conductometric Biosensors Based on Layer-by-Layer Coated Paramagnetic Nanoparticles for Urea Detection
W. Nouira, A. Maaref, M. Siadat, A. Errachid, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2272-2274 (2011)


Poly(tetrafluoro-p-xylylene): A Low Dielectric Constant Polymer Gate Insulator for Organic Transistors
M. Erouel, J. Tardy, E. André, and J.-L. Garden
Sensor Lett. 9, 2275-2278 (2011)


Bottle Microresonators Fabricated by Shaping Optical Fibers with a Beam of a CO2 Laser
Filip Todorov, Jirí Ctyroký, Michal Jelínek, Miroslav Chomát, Vlastimil Matejec, Václav Kubecek, TomᚠMartan, and Daniela Berková
Sensor Lett. 9, 2279-2282 (2011)


Gold Electrode Functionalized with Catalase for Impedimetric Detection of Nitrite
A. Zazoua, C. Dernane, I. Kazane, M. Belghobsi, A. Errachid, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2283-2286 (2011)


Development of an Impedimetric Sensor Based on Heteropolyanions with Additional Nafion Membrane
S. Zougar, O. Bechiri, S. Baali, R. Kherrat, M. Abbessi, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and N. Fertikh
Sensor Lett. 9, 2287-2290 (2011)


Comparative Studies on Conducting Polymers for Immunosensor Applications
H. Ben Fredj, S. Helali, Z. Sassi, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 9, 2291-2294 (2011)


Reflectivity, Absorption and Structural Studies of Porous Germanium
Emna Akkari, Oualid Touayar, and Brahim Bessais
Sensor Lett. 9, 2295-2298 (2011)


Intersubband Absorption and Optical Non Linearity in Asymmetric (CdS/ZnSe/BeTe)(ZnSe/BeTe) Quantum Wells
N. Zeiri, N. Sfina, S. Abdi-Ben Nasrallah, and M. Said
Sensor Lett. 9, 2299-2301 (2011)


Fabrication and DC Characterizations of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) with Fieldplate Over Passivation Layers
N. Benseddik, Z. Benamara, H. Mazari, K. Ameur, A. Soltani, and J. M. Bluet
Sensor Lett. 9, 2302-2304 (2011)


Microanalytical System for Concentration by Microelectrodialysis and Electrodetection on Boron Doped Diamond
Thanh Son Le, Philippe Da Costa, Patrice Huguet, Philippe Sistat, Frédéric Pichot, François Silva, Louis Renaud, and Marc Cretin
Sensor Lett. 9, 2305-2308 (2011)


A Junctionless-Multigate Design to Improve the Electrical Performances for Deep Submicron ISFET-Based Sensors
F. Djeffal, D. Arar, N. Abdelmalek, M. A. Abdi, R. Mahamdi, and A. Errachid
Sensor Lett. 9, 2309-2311 (2011)


Ochratoxin A Detection by an Immunosensor Using Impedance Spectroscopy Coupled with Quartz Crystal Microbalance
H. Cheap, M. Sanchez, V. Vivier, H. Perrot, and J. L. Marty
Sensor Lett. 9, 2312-2315 (2011)


Structural and Optical Properties of GaAs1 - xNx/GaAs Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
F. Saidi, R. Hamila, B. Ilahi, A. Fouzri, M. Khalfioui, and H. Maaref
Sensor Lett. 9, 2316-2319 (2011)


Influence of Composition of Zeolite/Enzyme Nanobiocomposites on Analytical Characteristics of Urea Biosensor Based on Ion-Selective Field-Effect Transistors
O. O. Soldatkin, E. Soy, A. Errachid, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, B. Akata, A. P. Soldatkin, and S. V. Dzyadevych
Sensor Lett. 9, 2320-2326 (2011)


Impedimetric Characterization of Alginate Entrapped Arthrospira platensis at a Platinum/Electrolyte Interface. Effect of Cadmium Ions
Nadèje Tekaya, Nawfel Sakly, Hafedh Ben Ouada, Hatem Ben Ouada, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, and Florence Lagarde
Sensor Lett. 9, 2327-2331 (2011)


Kinetic and Thermodynamic Characterisation by Heating in a Microfluidic Cell
K. Zrelli, T. Barilero, H. Berthoumieux, T. Le Saux, C. Gosse, A. Lemarchand, and L. Jullien

Sensor Lett. 9, 2332-2335 (2011)


Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Biosensors Application
Hamdi Baccar, Moataz B. Mejri, Clara P. Adams, M. Aouini, Sherine O. Obare, and Adnane Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 9, 2336-2338 (2011)


Numerical Modelling of Electrical Behaviour of Semiconductor-Based Micro-Sensors for Copper Ions Detection
J. Chermiti, M. Ben Ali, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 9, 2339-2342 (2011)


Band Offset Calculation of Cd1 - xXxTe/Cd1 - yXyTe Interfaces, X = Zn, Mg, Hg and Mn and Magnetic Effects in CdMnTe
S. Abdi-Ben Nasrallah, S. Mnasri, N. Sfina, N. Bouarissa, and M. Said
Sensor Lett. 9, 2343-2346 (2011)


SiC-Junction Field Effect Transistor Temperature Sensor: Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Validation
Tarek Ben Salah, Sameh Mtimet, and Hervé Morel
Sensor Lett. 9, 2347-2350 (2011)


Simulation of Current and Voltage Sensors Using a Nodal Method
Sofiane Khachroumi and Tarek Ben Salah
Sensor Lett. 9, 2351-2355 (2011)


Glucose Biosensor Based on Screen-Printed Electrodes and Glucose Oxidase Layer Modified by MWCNT-NH2
N. Rogaleva, Y. Korpan, and O. Biloivan
Sensor Lett. 9, 2356-2359 (2011)


Numerical Analysis of Short Channel Poly-Si TFTs Under Off Conditions
Y. Bourezig, B. Bouabdallah, B. Zebentout, M. Debab, and Z. Benamara
Sensor Lett. 9, 2360-2363 (2011)


Formation and Characterization of CuInSe2 Nanoparticles
F. Chraïbi, M. Fahoume, M. Loghmarti, A. Mzerd, N. Hassanain, and J. L. Delplancke
Sensor Lett. 9, 2364-2367 (2011)


Glucose Biosensor at Ethylenediamine Modified Carbon Electrode
H. Jarrar, M. Rolland, A. J. Downard, and M. Cretin
Sensor Lett. 9, 2368-2370 (2011)


Optimum Remote Tuning/Matching NMR Probe Achieved with a Suitable Transmission Line Length and a Suitable Local Tuning/Matching Circuit
R. J. Trejo, A. Kadjo, and L. Fakri-Bouchet
Sensor Lett. 9, 2371-2375 (2011)


The Effect of Substrate Temperature on the Properties of the Sulfosalt Sn2Sb2S5 Thin Films
A. Gassoumi, M. Kanzari, and B. Rezig
Sensor Lett. 9, 2376-2379 (2011)


Identification and Localization of Electronic Traps in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Al2O3 Substrates Using CDLTS
Olfa Fathallah, Malek Gassoumi, Christophe Gaquiere, and Hassen Maaref
Sensor Lett. 9, 2380-2383 (2011)


On the Conformational Changes of Cellulases: Dynamic Light Scattering Study
Naoufel Ghaouar and Abdelhafidh Gharbi
Sensor Lett. 9, 2384-2387 (2011)


Conductometric Biosensor Based on Flavocytochrome b2 for L-Lactate Determination
O. Berezhetska, Y. Korpan, and M. Gonchar
Sensor Lett. 9, 2388-2391 (2011)


Investigation of Stability of the pH-Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor Characteristics
A. S. Pavluchenko, A. L. Kukla, Yu. V. Goltvianskyi, O. O. Soldatkin, V. M. Arkhypova, S. V. Dzyadevych, and A. P. Soldatkin
Sensor Lett. 9, 2392-2396 (2011)


Potentiality of Cobalt Nanoferrites for Gas Sensors
L. Ajroudi, V. Madigou, S. Villain, N. Mliki, and Ch. Leroux
Sensor Lett. 9, 2397-2400 (2011)


Sonochemical Synthesis of Pd50Cu50 Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Abderrafik Nemamcha, Hayet Moumeni, and Jean Luc Rehspringer
Sensor Lett. 9, 2401-2403 (2011)


Immobilization of Pb(II), Cd(II) Ions on Algerian Montmorillonite Surfaces from Aqueous Medium
O. Tobbi, K. Guerfi, and N. Rebbani
Sensor Lett. 9, 2404-2407 (2011)


Low Dark Count Geiger Mode Avalanche Photodiodes Fabricated in Conventional CMOS Technologies
E. Vilella, A. Arbat, O. Alonso, A. Comerma, J. Trenado, A. Vilà, R. Casanova, L. Garrido, and A. Diéguez
Sensor Lett. 9, 2408-2411 (2011)


2D-Numerical Simulation of Illuminated I-V Characteristic in PIN (NIP) pc-Si Solar Cells Deposited by LPCVD Technique
B. Zebentout, Z. Benamara, Y. Bourezig, H. Mazari, and T. Mohammed-Brahim
Sensor Lett. 9, 2412-2415 (2011)


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