bullet Smart Sensor Systems (SSS' 2005)


EuroTraining QL

4-days EuroTraining Quality Labelled (QL) approved engineering course,

25- 28 April, 2005 Delft, The Netherlands

 SSS' 2005 Course Brochure (101 Kb)

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General Information About the Course

Lectures are given by top experts from universities and industries. The prerequisite for the course is a basic knowledge of electrical circuits and systems. Course will be taught in English. Each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance at the course.



Short Description

Recent developments in the field of smart sensor systems are reviewed. After a general overview system details are discussed, concerning: sensor principles, tandem transducers, smart analog interfaces, modifiers, A/D conversion, busses and digital interfaces, DSPs and microcontrollers. A systematic approach towards the design of smart sensor systems is presented. The lectures include case studies and hands-on demonstrations.




The course will be held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mekelweg 4, Jan Anthony Snijderszaal, room LB1.010 of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.



Course Contents and Lecturers

1. Introduction (G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft)

2. Where and How to Apply Smart Sensor Systems (J.H. Huijsing, TU Delft)

3. Measurement techniques for smart sensor systems (G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft)

4. Silicon sensors: an introduction (Paddy J. French, TU Delft)

5. Physical chemosensors (Michael J. Vellekoop, Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

6. Integrated Hall magnetic sensors (Pavel Kejik, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)

7. Capacitive Sensors (Xiujun Li, TU Delft)

8. Opto-Electro-Mechanical MicroSystems (MOEMS) (Gleb Vdovin, TU Delft)

9. Smart temperature sensors (G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft)

10.Interface electronics and busses (Frank Riedijk, Xensor Integration, Delfgauw)

11.Calibration (Michiel A.P.Pertijs, TU Delft)

12. Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors

13. Universal asynchronous sensor interfaces (G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft)

14. Dynamic offset-cancellation techniques (Kofi A. A. Makinwa, TU Delft)

15. Solar modules in the photovoltaic industry (Paul C. de Jong, ECN, Petten)

16. Sensor systems in their environment (Rolf de Boer, Smartec BV., Breda)

17. Hands-on Demonstrations (Rolando Aguilar, Guijie Wang, Harry Kerkvliet,  Xiujun Li, TU Delft

     Alexander Kerezov, Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria)



Course Organization

This course is organized by:

Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicron Technology (DIMES)

Delft University of Technology

Delft, The Netherlands



Course Directors

G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft

J.H. Huijsing, TU Delft




Trudie Houweling

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of EEMCS

Laboratory for Electronic Instrumentation

Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft

The Netherlands

E-mail: g.houweling@ewi.tudelft.nl



Deadline for Registration

In order to register for the Smart Sensor Systems course 2005, please download the <Registration Form> and return it, at the latest by

March 20, 2005


Photos from the previous Smart Sensor Systems 2002 (SSS' 2002) course.






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