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EuroTraining QL

A Four-day EuroTraining Quality Labeled (QL) Approved Engineering Course (ET4233)


11- 14 April, 2011 Delft, The Netherlands




General Information About the Course


The Smart Sensor Systems Course is a post-graduate engineering course. The lecturers are given by top experts from academia and industry thus ensuring a good mix between recent developments and established practice. The prerequisite for the course is a basic knowledge of electrical circuits and systems. The course will be taught in English. After the course, each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance.



Short Description


The design and development of smart sensor systems is described. After a general overview, various aspects of sensor systems are discussed: sensor principles, tandem transducers, smart analog interfaces, A/D conversion, bus interfaces, DSPs and microcontrollers. A systematic approach towards the design of smart sensor systems is presented. The lecturers are augmented by case studies and hands-on demonstrations.



Monday, April 11


Introduction to the course program

Silicon sensors: Applications and Future Perspectives

Designing smart sensors and smart sensor systems

Prof. Dr. Kofi Makinwa, TU Delft

Prof. Dr. Paddy French, TU Delft

Prof. Dr. Kofi Makinwa, TU Delft

Discussions and Demonstrations

Measurement techniques for smart sensor systems

Physical chemosensors


Prof. Dr. Ir. Gerard Meijer, TU Delft

Prof. Dr. Michiel Vellekoop, TU Vienna



Tuesday, April 12


Integrated Hall Magnetic Sensors

Capacitive sensors

Smart temperature sensors

Dr. P. Kejik, EPFL

Dr. X. Li, TU Delft

Prof. Dr. Ir. G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft

Optical Sensors Based on Photon Detection

Calibration and Self-Calibration of Smart Sensors

Visit to Dimes Technology Center / Demonstrations

Dr. Ir. R.F. Wolffenbuttel, TU Delft

Dr. Ir. M.A.P. Pertijs, TU Delft

Drs. C.C.G. Visser, TU Delft



Wednesday, April 13


Dynamic-offset-cancellation techniques

Introduction to CMOS Image Sensors

Interface electronics and A/D converters

Prof. Dr. K.A.A. Makinwa, TU Delft

Ir. J. Bosiers, DALSA

Dr. Ir. F.R. Riedijk, Xensor Intergration

Universal asynchronous sensor interfaces

Hands-on demonstrations - Part I

Prof. Dr. Ir. G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft

Dr. X. Li, Dr. G. Wang, Ir. Z.Y. Chang, Z. Tan, TU Delft



Thursday, April 14


Introduction to CMOS-based DNA Microarrays

Precision Instrumentation Amplifiers

Implantable Smart Sensors for Advanced Medical Devices

Dr. R. Thewes, TU Berlin

Prof. Dr. Ir. J.H. Huijsing, TU Delft

Dr. T. Denison, Medtronic

Energy Harvesters for sensor systems

Hands-on demonstrations - Part II

Closing Session

Dr. Ir. R. Vullers,Holst Centre

Dr. X. Li, Dr. G. Wang, Ir. Z.Y. Chang, Z. Tan

Prof. Dr. Ir. G.C.M. Meijer/Dr. M.A.P. Pertijs



Course organization:

This course is organized by:
Delft Institute of Microsystems and Nanoelectronics (DIMES)
Delft University of Technology
Delft, The Netherlands




Course directors:
M.A.P. Pertijs, TU Delft
G.C.M. Meijer, TU Delft
J.H. Huijsing, TU Delft


Course flyer available <here>





The course will be held at Delft University of Technology, in the EWI building (the tallest building located in the University area, TU Wijk).





Mekelweg 4

2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands



Access to  TU Delft


From Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol): by train to Delft Central Station or by car on highway A4 (Den Haag) - A13 (Delft, Rotterdam)

From Rotterdam Central Station: by train to Delft Central Station or by car on highway A13.

From Delft Central Station to TU Delft: by taxi or by bus (line 121).





1. Hotel Juliana

2. Hotel Leeuwenbrug

3. Hotel de Vlaming

4. Bridges House Hotel

5. Hotel Johannes Vermeer





Registration fees: included in the fee are lecture notes, the book “Smart Sensor Systems”, daily lunches, coffee breaks and course dinner on Tuesday organized for all attendees and instructors of the course.


Academics: € 1449.00

Industry: € 1749.00





1. Cash, at the first day of the course

2. Bank Transfer

3. Send me an invoice

4. Credit Card (Visa, Amex, Euro/Master



Deadline for early registration is: 25 March 2011

In order to register for the Smart Sensor Systems course 2011, please download the form* and send it to:'




Joyce Siemers
Secretariat EI
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of EEMCS
Laboratory for Electronic Instrumentation
Mekelweg 4, room HB 13.320
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands
Phone: +31.15.2785745
Fax: +31.15.2785755
Email: j.m.siemers@tudelft.nl



*By submitting the registration form you are accepting the Course Regulations available here



For full programme, fees and registration information, please visit the course website at:


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Smart Sensor Systems (SSS' 2011)

course flyer:


Smart Sensor Systems (SSS' 2011) course flyer


Smart Sensor Systems books:









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