Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 25, Issue 3, 2005


Robert Bogue, Developments in biosensors - where are tomorrow's markets? pp.180-184
Keywords: Sensors; Markets; Nanotechnology
Article Type: General Review

Christine Connolly, Innovative date-coding technique, pp.185-187
Keywords: Barcodes; Ink Jet Printers; Lasers; Data Analysis
Article Type: Technical Paper

Christine Connolly,  Machine vision developments at IPOT 2005, pp.188-191
Keywords: Image Processing; Cameras; Optical Instruments
Article Type: Technical Paper

Christine Connolly, NIR spectroscopy for foodstuff monitoring, pp.192-194
Keywords: Optical Instruments; Food Industry; Inspection
Article Type: Technical Paper

Robert Bogue, Photonic crystal development yields breakthrough in Raman spectroscopy, pp.195-196
Keywords: Mass Spectometry; Data Analysis
Article Type: Technical Paper

Roger C. Baker, Pamela I. Moore, Tao Wang, In situ calibration, pp.197-201

Keywords: Calibration; Flow Measurement
Article Type: Research Paper

John Billingsley, Mark Dunn, Unusual vision - machine vision applications at the NCEA, pp.202-208
Keywords: Visual Perception; Inspection; Agriculture and Food Technology
Article Type: General Review

Daniel Inman, Raj Khosla, Ted Mayfield, On-the-go active remote sensing for efficient crop nitrogen management, pp.209-214
Keywords: Agriculture; Sensors; Remote Control Systems; Fertilizers
Article Type: Technical Paper

Pier P. Overduin; Kenji Yoshikawa; Douglas L. Kane; Jennifer W. Harden, Comparing electronic probes for volumetric water content of low-density feathermoss, pp. 215-221
Keywords: Sensors; Moisture Measurement; Soil Sampling; Arctica
Article Type: Research Paper




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