Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 27, Issue 1, 2007



MEMS sensors: past, present and future
Robert Bogue, pp.7-13
Keywords: Industrial engineering, MEMS, Sensors

A golf swing analysis tool from Callaway Golf
Christine Connolly, pp. 14-16
Keywords: Data analysis, Image processing, Image sensors, Sports, Trajectories

Technological improvements in position sensing
Christine Connolly, pp. 17-23
Keywords: Lasers, Measurement, Sensors

XSENSOR technology: a pressure imaging overview
Russell Cork, pp. 24-28
Keywords: Image processing, Industrial engineering, Medical equipment, Sensors

Position and level sensing using Hall-effect sensing technology
Gary Pepka, pp. 29-34
Keywords: Electronic equipment and components, Magnetic devices, Sensors

High-resolution tactile sensor using the deformation of a reflection image
Satoshi Saga, Hiroyuki Kajimoto, Susumu Tachi, pp.35-42
Keywords: Image sensors, Measurement, Sensors, Tactile sensors

Latest research and development of twin-straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeters
Tao Wang, Yousif Hussain, pp.43-47
Keywords: Finite element analysis, Flow measurement, Fluid dynamics

A review of self-validating sensor technology
Zhigang Feng, Qi Wang, Katsunori Shida, pp.48-56
Keywords: Fault tolerance, Sensors, Signal processing, Uncertainty management

A novel hyperspectral medical sensor for tongue diagnosis
Zhi Liu, Qingli Li, Jing-qi Yan, Qun-lin Tang, pp. 57-60
Keywords: Body regions, China, Medical equipment, Sensors





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