Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 27, Issue 3, 2007



Collision avoidance technology: from parking sensors to unmanned aircraft
Christine Connolly, Pages: 182-188
Keywords: Accident prevention, Image sensors, Road vehicles, Sensors

Nanometrology: a critical discipline for the twenty-first century
Robert Bogue, Pages: 189-196
Keywords: Calibration, Instruments, Measurement, Nanotechnology, Standards

Resonating gyroscopes: the next big challenge for MEMS technology
Robert Bogue, Pages: 197-199
Keywords: MEMS, Silicon

Level sensing of liquids and solids a review of the technologies
James A. Hunt, Pages: 200-206
Keywords: Liquids, Sensors, Solids

In-line quality control of product coding from Cobalt IS
Christine Connolly, Pages: 207-211
Keywords: Food safety, Legislation, Sensors

Machine vision inspection system for film
Wang Jin-Jiang, Wang Zheng, Mo Xu-Tao, Wang Peng, Liu Ming, Ren Li, Zhu Yue, Zhang Fang, Liu Wen-Yao, Pages: 212-216
Keywords: Films (cameras), Image sensors, Inspection

Multi-modality multi-interface level sensor with segmented capacitance and inductance sensing elements

A.O. Hwili, W.Q. Yang, Pages: 217-223
Keywords: Capacitance, Oils, Salinity, Sensors

3D measurement sensor system for rough terrain mobile robots
Sho Yokota, Yasuhiro Ohyama, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Jin-Hua She, Kuniaki Kawabata, Hisato Kobayashi, Pierre Blazevic, Pages: 224-232
Keywords: Motion, Robotics, Sensors

pH measurement of dirty water sources by ISFET: addressing practical problems
Vinod Kumar Khanna, Pages: 233-238
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Acidity, Meshes, Transistors, Water

iPOS: a fault-tolerant and adaptive multi-sensor positioning architecture with QoS guarantees
Jьrgen Bohn, Pages: 239-249
Keywords: Fault tolerance, Modelling, Sensors

Level sensing and position measurement






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