Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 29, Issue 2, 2009


    Special Issue: Biomimetics




Miniature electronic modules for advanced health care
Christine Connolly (pp. 98-103)

Touch-sensitive skins for Japanese health care robots
Christine Connolly (pp. 104-106)

Inspired by nature: developments in biomimetic sensors
Robert Bogue (pp. 107-111)

An overview of biomimetic sensor technology
J.K. Stroble, R.B. Stone, S.E. Watkins (pp. 112-119)

Sensors and control systems for micro-air vehicles: lessons from flies
Thomas Hesselberg (pp. 120-126)

Force sensor system for structural health monitoring using passive RFID tags
Yusuke Ikemoto, Shingo Suzuki, Hiroyuki Okamoto, Hiroki Murakami, Hajime Asama, Soichiro Morishita, Taketoshi Mishima, Xin Lin, Hideo Itoh (pp. 127-136)

Interpolation of binarized CLSM images for extraction of premotor neuron branch structures in silkworm moth
Kanako Nakajima, Soichiro Morishita, Tomoki Kazawa, Ryohei Kanzaki, Kuniaki Kawabata, Hajime Asama, Taketoshi Mishima (pp. 137-147)

Strip double sensing layer pressure sensor for interface pressure distribution
Zhou Gaofeng, Zhao Yulong, Jiang Zhuangde (pp. 148-156)

Interactive foreground segmentation method using mean shift and graph cuts
Yuan Tian, Cheng Wang, Lijun Li, Tao Guan, Wei Liu (pp. 157-162)

A texture segmentation prototype for industrial inspection applications based on fuzzy grammar
Manuel Ferreira, Cristina Santos, Joao Monteiro (pp. 163-173)




Natural technology
Author(s): Clive Loughlin









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