Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 29, Issue 3, 2009



Special Issue: Wireless sensors and systems




Energy harvesting and wireless sensors: a review of recent developments
Robert Bogue (pp. 194-199)
Keywords: Condition monitoring, Energy management, Nanotechnology, Sensors, Silicon, Wireless
ArticleType: Technical paper

Using the mouth as a computer keyboard
Christine Connolly (pp. 200-202)
Keywords: Aids for the disabled, Magnetic devices, Sensors
ArticleType: Research paper

Sensing with electromagnetic radiation: a review. Part 2: long wavelengths
Robert Bogue (pp. 203-210)
Keywords: Electromagnetic radiation, Infra-red devices, Microwaves, Radar, Radiofrequencies, Sensors
ArticleType: Technical paper

Measurements in harsh RF propagation environments to support performance evaluation of wireless sensor networks
Kate A. Remley, Galen Koepke, Chris Holloway, Dennis Camell, Chriss Grosvenor (pp. 211-222)
Keywords: Communication technologies, Sensors, Wireless
ArticleType: Research paper

Modeling of pulsed GTAW based on multi-sensor fusion
Bo Chen, Jifeng Wang, Shanben Chen (pp. 223-232)
Keywords: Gas tungsten-arc welding, Image sensors, Sensors
ArticleType: Technical paper

Combined active triangulation, morphology scheme for active shape retrieval
Mohammed Omar, Yi Zhou, Eric Planting, Rohit Parvataneni, Stephen Hung (pp. 233-239)
Keywords: Lasers, Physical property measurement, Plastics
ArticleType: Research paper

Analysis of arc sound characteristics for gas tungsten argon welding
J.F. Wang, B. Chen, H.B. Chen, S.B. Chen (pp. 240-249)
Keywords: Fourier transforms, Gas tungsten-arc welding, Welding
ArticleType: Research paper

Automatic texture inspection in the classification of papers and cloths with neural networks method
Yih-Chih Chiou, Chern-Sheng Lin, Guan-Zi Chen (pp. 250-259)
Keywords: Classification, Cloth, Inspection, Neural nets, Paper technology, Textile technology
ArticleType: Research paper

A wet-etch method with improved yield for realizing polysilicon resistors in batch fabrication of MEMS pressure sensor
Kulwant Singh, Sanjeev K. Gupta, Amir Azam, J. Akhtar (pp. 260-265)
Keywords: Batch manufacturing, Films (states of matter), Resistors, Silicon
ArticleType: Research paper

Ultrasonic tomography imaging simulation of two-phase homogeneous flow
Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Zulkarnay Zakaria, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Wei Nyap Ng (pp. 266-276)
Keywords: Image processing, Image scanners, Laminar flow, Liquid flow, Ultrasonic devices
ArticleType: Research paper

Augmented reality based on online trifocal tensors estimation using multiple features
Chen Peng, Dong Fangmin, Zhao Chunhua, Guan Tao (pp. 277-286)
Keywords: Image processing, Tensors
ArticleType: Research paper




Tidal analysis
Vol : 29 Issue: 3
Special Issue: Wireless sensors and systems
Author(s): Clive Loughlin








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