Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 29, Issue 4, 2009



Special Issue: Nanosensors




Nanosensors: a review of recent research
Robert Bogue (pp. 310-315)
Keywords: Fluidics, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Research and development, Sensors
ArticleType: Technical paper
US research group develops world's smallest radio receiver
Robert Bogue (pp. 316-318)
Keywords: Nanotechnology, Radio receivers
ArticleType: Technical paper
Fabrication of a MEMS accelerometer to detect heart bypass surgery complications
Craig Lowrie, Marc P.Y. Desmulliez, Lars Hoff, Ole Jakob Elle, Erik Fosse (pp. 319-325)
Keywords: Heart, Intelligent sensors, Microsurgery
ArticleType: Research paper
Concepts and issues in piezo-on-3D silicon structures
John Henry Sweet, David Hutson, Sandy Cochran, Anne Bernassau (pp. 326-332)
Keywords: Piezoelectricity, Silicon, Surface treatment
ArticleType: Conceptual paper
Progress towards wafer-scale fabrication of ultrasound arrays for real-time high-resolution biomedical imaging
Anne Bernassau, David Hutson, Christine E.M. Demore, David Flynn, Farid Amalou, Jonathan Parry, Jim McAneny, Tim W. Button, Marc P.Y. Desmulliez, Sandy Cochran (pp. 333-338)
Keywords: Frequencies, Image processing equipment, Medical equipment, Transducers
ArticleType: Research paper
MEMS ultra low leak detection methods: a review
Suzanne Millar, Marc Desmulliez (pp. 339-344)
Keywords: Fourier transforms, Infra-red devices, MEMS, Packaging processes, Spectroscopy
ArticleType: Research paper
Implantable electronic devices technology challenges for long-term human implantation
Anne Vanhoestenberghe (pp. 345-348)
Keywords: Electrical medical equipment, Electronic equipment and components, Packaging
ArticleType: Research paper
Productionisation issues for commercialisation of microfluidic based devices
Dennis Patrick Webb, Benedikt Knauf, Chanqing Liu, David Hutt, Paul Conway (pp. 349-354)
Keywords: appliances and medicines, Diagnostic testing, Medical equipment, Microprocessor chips, Packaging
ArticleType: Research paper
Ferrite cores as back yoke for enhancing hall sensor sensitivity in caliper tool for pipeline inspection
Rajesh Keshwani, Shiben Bhattacharya (pp. 355-360)
Keywords: Inspection, Magnetic fields, Pipelines, Sensors
ArticleType: Research paper
Segmentation of unevenly illuminated line scanned images
Yih-Chih Chiou, Meng-Ru Tsai (pp. 361-372)
Keywords: Automation, Image scanners, Light
ArticleType: Research paper
Spectroscopic measurements on 3D objects in thermal plasmas
Julie Bénech, Pierre Freton, Jean-Jacques Gonzalez, Mathieu Masquère (pp. 373-378)
Keywords: Plasma physics, Spectroscopy, Temperature measurement, Thermal properties of materials
ArticleType: Research paper
Big future for nanosensors
Vol : 29 Issue: 4
Special Issue: Nanosensors
Author(s): Clive Loughlin











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