Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 31, Issue 2, 2011






Real-time pressure mapping system
Richard Bloss, pp.101-105

Sensors for interfacing with consumer electronics
Robert Bogue, pp.106-110

Machine vision 3D skin texture analysis for detection of melanoma
L.N. Smith, M.L. Smith, A.R. Farooq, J. Sun, Y. Ding, R. Warr, pp.111-119

Vibration measurement system based on position sensitive detector
Jinxue Sui, Xia Zhang, pp.120-126

Determination of tool nose radii of cutting inserts using machine vision
G.J. Chian, M.M. Ratnam, pp.127-137

On-line print-defect detecting in an incremental subspace learning framework
Xiaogang Sun, Liang Zhang, Bin Chen, pp.138-143

Using no-parameter statistic features for texture image retrieval
Xianqiang Zhu, Zhenfeng Shao, pp.144-153

Micro crack detection of multi-crystalline silicon solar wafer using machine vision techniques
Yih-Chih Chiou, Jian-Zong Liu, Yu-Teng Liang, pp.154-165

An automatic inspection and control method for a biological reagent production system with image processing techniques
Chern-Sheng Lin, Yung-Yen Su, Hung-Jung Shei, Chuen-Lin Tien, An-Tsung Lu, pp.166-172

Theoretical and experimental studies on liquid refractive index sensor based on bundle fiber
S.W. Harun, H.Z. Yang, H. Ahmad, pp.173-177






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