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This online course was created in the frame of EC Marie Curie Chair (EXC) project MEXT-CT-2005-023991 SMARTSES and supported in part by the International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA).


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Course Description


Overview. An online engineering course describes modern developments and design trends in the field of smart sensors systems. After a general overview of data acquisition methods, modern smart, digital and quasi-digital (with frequency, period, duty-cycle, pulse-width modulated (PWM), pulse number output) sensors, smart systems details are discussed including: sensors, ADC (frequency-to-digital conversion based on advanced methods for frequency-time domain parameters measurements with adaptive possibilities), communications buses, PC interfacing and software. A systematic approach towards the design of low-cost high-performance smart sensors systems is presented.


The course will focus on the novel measuring methods and techniques to build full intelligent sensor systems, digital sensors, data acquisition and measuring systems with self-adaptation and self-identification possibilities. Particular focus will be given on the novel frequency-to-digital and voltage-to-frequency-to-digital conversion and processing methods, which let achieve high metrological performances and extended functionalities with special emphasis on new and future applications of the designed sensor systems within a broad range of areas. The online course consists of 481 slides divided into 14 parts.



Audience. This course is suitable for engineers who design different digital and intelligent sensors, DAQ, and measurement systems. It should be also useful for graduate and post graduate students.


Prerequisite. The prerequisite for the course is a basic knowledge of electrical circuits, microcontrollers and  measurements.




Course contents 

Course contents



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