Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 1, January 2009 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Zhelamsky M. V. The first domestic magnetic positioning system


Commissioning and startup results for the first domestic magnetic positioning system are discussed. The system is intended for measuring linear position and orientation of a moving object in the fixed coordinate system. It accomplishes two basic tasks: target search under minor linear displacement range, and navigation, i.e. measuring linear coordinates of an object moving away from its original position. The system structure and the communications between its components are described as well as its performance data and experimental results obtained at linear displacement of the receiver and its movement along a circular trajectory. The paper concludes about the necessity of  individual system calibration for attaining ultimate positioning accuracy. Future works to be executed after system startup are listed.



Skalon A. I. Physical background and the ways to optimize the characteristics of compensatory-type electromechanical sensors. Pt. 2


The paper discusses the problems of sensor quality estimation using fundamental physical quantities: energy and information. This enables justified estimation of the characteristics of instruments, based on various physical principles and the optimization of their characteristics subject to sensitivity, accuracy, and information criteria.



Kirianov V. P., Kirianov A. V., Klistorin I. F. Experimental evaluation of accuracy rating of an embedded precision angular transducer


The paper presents the results of experimental investigation of an embedded-type high-precision angular transducer and analyses the metrological aspects of its accuracy control.



Grigorev V. V., Lazarev V. A., Mityurev A. K., et al. Temperature and mechanical deformation measurements using fiber Bragg sensors


Operation principle of a measuring system based on fiber Bragg grating sensors and signal calibration with respect to wavelength scale  with the help of spectral modulation of LED are described. The results of numerical simulation and prototype research are included.



Krysyuk I. V., Belov A. A., Kalinin A. P., et al. Ultraviolet radiation pulse source with broad band modulation


The paper describes an ultraviolet radiation pulse source based on a CRT with ionic crystal as an emitter and a microprocessor module enabling the development of mathematical models for simulating various typical sources.



Koutchinsky K. I., Paterikin V. I., Plotnikov S. V. Eddy current probe for detecting roll surface defects of wheel pairs


A transformer type eddy current probe for detecting roll surface defects of freight carís wheel pairs is described. The problems related with response speed, measurement accuracy, high sensibility and parameters stability were solved in process of probe development. The diagrams of output signal change for the cases of rolling, vertical and transversal movement are invluded.



Bauman G. V., Masterenko D. A. Measurement information transfer from moving objects and the non-contact inductive coupling


A non-contact system for measurement information transfer from moving objects through short-range inductive coupling is described. The paper notes that a part of the measuring system installed at the moving object does not require any power cells. An estimate of the transfer rate ensuring the receipt of required amount of information is obtained.



Kargapoltsev V. P., Mitskevich O. A., Sidenko A. A. Water counter and flowmeter calibration for housing and communal services


An industrial unit for water counters and flowmeters calibration in compliance with normative documents and guidelines is described.



Khoruzhev G. M. On pressure losses in vortex flowmeters


The paper proves the delusiveness of the statement that significant pressure loss up to 30Ö50 kPa is a key drawback of vortex flowmeters. It shows that the performance of vortex flowmeters pertaining to pressure are not worse than of other flowmeter types.



Gromkov N. V. The converters of resistive sensor parameters into frequency signals


The results of investigating frequency converters of resistive sensor parameters applied in measurement systems for transferring the information about various physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, strain, angular displacement, etc., as a frequency signal are presented. The transfer is based on integrating unwrapping transform.



Sokol-Kutylovsky O. L. An auto-parametric magnetic induction sensor


The paper discusses the operation principle of an auto-parametric magnetic induction sensor based on an oscillatory circuit with the core from amorphous ferromagnetic alloy with compensated magnetostriction. Key performance data and the block diagram is included. The device is intended for  low frequency weak magnetic field sensing.



Chaplyghin E. I., Diachkov E. A., Goryunov V. A. Pneumatic actuator positioning in automatic control systems


A method for controlling the operation of pneumatic reciprocal motion mechanisms while applying jet pneumatic automation tools is discussed.



Vorkunov O. V., Takhavutdinov R. G., Tyurin A. N. Sensor connection with PC through RS-232 interface using LabVIEW environment and MicroLAN protocol


The possibility of LabVIEW software application for processing DS18S20 digital temperature sensor signals using MicroLAN single-wire protocol is discussed.



Vasíkovsky S. V. Debugging tools for real-time distributed microprocessor complexes


An approach to debugging real-time distributed systems is outlined.



Kuznetsov V. P. Modern normative base normative documents and guidelines for metrological provision of measuring  systems


Metrological procedures aimed at attaining the uniformity of measurements are discussed. Normative documents and guidelines regulating these procedures are listed.

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