Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 2, February 2009 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Vavilov V. D., Pozdyaev V. I., Ulyushkin A. V. Optimization of microsystem accelerometer parameters under random vibration


A methodology for optimizing the parameters of a microsystem accelerometer under broadband random vibration is described.

Keywords: microsystem technology, accelerometer, broadband random vibration, parameter optimization.



Dreyzin V. E., Ryzhikov S. S. New approach to the design of low-frequency acoustic gas flowmeter


Design concepts and mathematical model of low-frequency acoustic flowmeters for liquid and gaseous flows using continuous radiation technique are examined. The ways to reduce the sound velocity variations effect on volumetric flow as well as temperature and pressure variations effect on mass flow measurement accuracy are discussed.

Keywords: gas flowmetering, acoustic technique, continuous excitation of periodic acoustic waves, low frequency range, block diagram, mathematical model, volumetric flowmetering, mass flowmetering.



Ionov B. P., Ionov A. B. Statistic-spectral approach to noncontact temperature measurement


The paper discusses noncontact temperature measurements based upon estimating the spectral radiation density function in the IR range. The method comprises an algorithm for statistical compensation of external influences. Its application enables accuracy improvement of temperature measurement in harsh environments.

Keywords: temperature, pyrometer, radiometric chain, radiation, transmission medium, spectral power density, characteristic function.



Belyakov V. V., Golovin A. V., Pershenkov V. S. Experimental investigation of an ion mobility spectrometer with corona discharge ionization source


The ion mobility spectrometer with corona discharge ionization is experimentally investigated. A pulse control system for corona discharge source is developed. An ionization mechanism related with UV light from corona discharge is considered. The effect of moisture on spectrometer performance is examined.

Keywords: spectrometer, ion mobility, corona discharge, ionization source, UV radiation.



Kuznetsov А. А., Konopasov N. G. On the reception of electric field variations during meteotron operation


The paper overviews the features of reception and registration of electric field’s vertical intensity variations caused by heat flow from fire and meteotron’s flame.

Keywords: meteotron, stream, flame, intensity variations, electric field, ULF range, antenna, reception channel.



Tirtichny A. A., Skalon A. I. Performance analysis of compensating converters of micromechanical inertial sensors


Physical background of compensating converters design for micromechanical inertial sensors is outlined. Comparative analysis of electrostatic, magnetoelectric, and electromagnetic compensating converters with movable plates of the same size and the same spacing between plates is undertaken.

Keywords: micromechanics, inertial sensors, accelerometer, angular speed sensor, force transducer, compensating converter.



Panishchev V. S., Tabasi S. H. Opto-electronic adaptive sensor based on CMOS radiation detector


A sensor structure with active pixels enabling the adaptation to ambient conditions is offered. The adaptation is achieved due to controlling each pixel’s gain.

Keywords: CMOS receiver, adaptive video sensor.



Berkutov V. P., Guseva N. V., Dorodov P. V., Kiselyov M. M. Interferometer for normal stress measurement in flat transparent models


Laser interferometer design with improved spatial resolution is discussed as well as the method of deflected mode measurement in flat transparent models of machines’ and mechanisms’ elements. The improved spatial resolution enables deflected mode measurements in model areas with high stress gradient.

Keywords: interferometer, polarization optical method, principal stresses.



Vol’pyan O. D., Manuylovich I. S., Sidoryuk O. E. Computerized module for optical control of interference coatings in process of their vacuum deposition


The paper discuss the development of an optical control module for interference coatings in process of their vacuum deposition based on real-time spectral analysis of transmitted or reflected radiation. The capabilities of the module with an optical sensor based on CCD matrix for controlling the processes of various thin-film materials deposition are demonstrated.

Keywords: interference coating, optical control, reflection, transmission, spectrum.



Volodin Yu. G., Marfina O. P., Bogdanov A. N., et al. Measuring tangential friction stress in nonstationary gas flow


The paper describes experimental conditions, manufacturing and calibration procedure of a friction sensor.

Keywords: nonstationary gas flow, tangential friction stress.



Yaroslavtsev D. I. A device for hand tremor diagnosis


The causes of tremor and the opportunities of applying tremometer for identifying specialists’ professional suitability are described. The methods for professional suitability identification are discussed, and their disadvantages are pointed out. A new design concept of tremometer is offered.

Keywords: hand tremor, laser range finder, emitter, photodetector.



Grishin V. A. Computer vision systems in unmanned aerial vehicle  flight control


Computer vision systems (CVSs) have been increasingly applied in flight control systems of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). CVSs feature high self-descriptiveness and are capable to measure a lot of motion and ambient parameters. The paper discusses the degree of readiness of available image processing and pattern recognition technologies for the realization of key UAV control tasks including the most complicated one: the automatic UAV landing.

Keywords: computer vision systems, UAV, navigation, detection, pointing, angular stabilization, landing.



Knorring V. G. Measurement in its historical evolution. Part 5. Measurements prior to scientific revolution


The fifth paper of the series dedicated to the history of measurement covers the time interval from early 15th century to the last decades of the 16th century: from Nicholas of Cusa to Tartaglia, Cardano, and their other Italian contemporaries.

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