Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 3, March 2009 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Averianov A. M., Chekushin V. V. Best approximation multinomials search technique for functional dependences representation, sensors and sensor systems calibration


An algorithm for best approximation multinomials search realized in MathCad is offered. An example of its application for representing functional dependences and calibration curves of measuring systems, sensors, and working standards is included.

Keywords: approximation, Chebyshev multinomials, best approximation, iterative technique, sensor calibration.



Belozubov E. M., Belozubova N. E., Vasiliev V. A. Thin-film MEMS. Classification and generalized system models of pressure sensors based on them


Thin-film tensoresistive and capacitance MEMS are examined, their classification is offered, generalized system models of thin-film capacitance pressure sensors to be used as sensing elements of corresponding MEMS are presented.

Keywords: pressure sensors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), MEMS classification.



Larionov V. A. Digital noise filtering in smart sensors


Noise filtering techniques for smart sensors used in process industries are discussed. The advantages of Kalman filter-based approach are shown.

Keywords: noise filtering, error reduction.



Golubinsky Yu. M., Zuev V. D., Krivulin N. P. A mathematical model for a fiber-optic displacement sensor with spherical lens


A mathematical model is offered for evaluating the design factor of a fiber-optic displacement sensor with a spherical lens on elastic suspension as a sensing element.

Keywords: mathematical model, fiber-optic sensor, design.



Antsev G. V., Bogoslovsky S. V., Sapozhnikov G. A. High-stable SAW-based resonator


An innovative approach to high-stable resonators development is offered taking advantages of both surface and volume acoustic waves (SAW and VAW). SAW are used as driver and for data pickup, while VAW play the role of a main frequency generator.

Keywords: acoustic vibrations, resonator, generator.



Stepanov M. V., Matynin S. A., Paranin V. D. Design and technology features of digital displacement sensor based on multicomponent optoelectronic structure


Design and technology features of a digital displacement sensor based on multicomponent optical structure is discussed as well as the technology of coding mask fabrication.

Keywords: digital displacement sensor, multicomponent optical structure, fabrication technique, material selection.


Vol’pyan O. D., Dorofeeva E. V., Manuilovich I. S., Sidoryuk O. E. The potentialities of NIR for detecting air pollution with hydrocarbon fuel vapor


The investigation results of optical absorption of hydrocarbon fuel vapor in NIR region are presented. The capabilities of optical spectroscopy for detecting air pollution at industrial and household hydrocarbon leaks are discussed.

Keywords: IR spectroscopy, optical monitoring, ecology.



Artemova S. V., Gribkov A. N. A dehydration process monitoring system using smart humidity sensors


The application of smart humidity sensors in a monitoring system for paste-like materials dehydration process is discussed.

Keywords: smart humidity sensor, dehydration process monitoring, neuron network.



Burkov Yu. G., Goryunov V. A., Diachkov E. A. Application of fluidic technology elements in seeding-machines


Automatic control systems for seeders using pneumatic automation elements are discussed. An improved seeding control technique is offered based on commercial digital fluidic elements is presented.

Keywords: fluidic control system, seeding process reliability.



Rabochiy A. A. Multi-sensor frequency convertors based on RC generators


A device for converting the parameters of 2 sensors into a frequency signal proportionate to sensors’ parameters and/or their functional relationships is considered. A method for evaluating and comparing converters’ properties with respect to sensitivity functions under the known sensors’ parameter values is presented.

Keywords: multi-sensor frequency converter, sensing element, RC generator.



Sysoev S. V., Nadeev A. I. Golovko S. V., Vakhromeev O. S. Condition-based control of fishpump units


An automated system for real-time equipment diagnostics and condition estimation is offered.

Keywords: electromechanical equipment, integrated diagnostics and reliability subsystem, Harrington’s desirability function, generalized equipment condition factor, complex condition factor computation techniques.



Andrienko A. Ya., Tropova E. I., Chadaev A. I. Software development for analyzing the causes of operational malfunctions of level sensors in liquid-propellant carrier rockets


The software is developed for calculating the changes in temperature, density, and composition of gas inside fuel level sensor’s coating subject to fuel condensation and draining along the surface of level sensor’s elements during the rocket’s flight. The paper presents the basic version of the software suite intended for analyzing physical and engineering causes of abnormalities in the operation of fuel level sensors in R-7-type liquid-propellant rockets.

Keywords: operational anomalies, level gauges of liquid launch vehicle.



Ashanin V. N., Chuvykin B. V., Shakhov E. K. The classification of integrating analog-to-digital converters


Based on the generalized functional principle, the paper discusses the classification of integrating analog-to-digital converters.

Keywords: classification of sigma-delta ADC, functional principle of conversion.

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