Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 4, April 2009 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Anashin V. S. Monitoring of space ionizing radiation effect on radio electronic equipment for spacecraft lifecycle prolongation


The paper discusses the development problems of an ionizing radiation monitoring system for controlling their effect on radio electronic equipment of spacecrafts. A monitoring system structure including on-board and terrestrial segments is offered. MIS transistor-based cumulative dose sensors and heavy charged particle indicators based on static RAM are recommended as on-board dosimeters.

 Keywords: space ionizing radiation, monitoring system, structural and algorithmic methods of lifecycle prolongation, on-board segment, terrestrial segment, cumulative dose sensors, heavy charged particle indicators.



Kalinina L. N., Litvinov A. V., Nikolaev I. N., Sulkhanova K. N. Extending the range of hydrogen content measurement with MIS sensors


A new MIS sensor type with Ag-Pd-Ta2O5-SiO2-Si structure is examined which enables the measurement of hydrogen content in air up to 20 vol.%.

Keywords: MIS sensor, hydrogen content measurement.



Vasiliev E. P., Zhulev V. I., Lvova I. A. Measuring transducers of mechanical quantities based on dielectric cavity resonators


A slight displacement transducer based on an active oscillator circuit with cylindrical dielectric resonator is described. The resonance frequency is tuned by introducing an heterogeneity in to its external field. An alternative design of slight displacement indicator is offered, and its potential performance is evaluated.

Keywords: displacement sensor, cylindrical dielectric resonator, resolution.



Zhadobin N. E., Bogomolov A. V. Magneto-elastic transducers in measuring systems for marine shaft torsional oscillations


The paper suggests to use a single set of transformer magneto-elastic transducer and a reference sensing element with known magnetic characteristics in shaft oscillations monitoring systems and thus avoid the affect of magnetic heterogeneity of shaft material.

Keywords: magneto-elastic torque transducer, reference sensing element, magnetic heterogeneity of material



Andreev M. Ya., Okhrimenko S. N., Rubanov I. L., Yakovlev V. A. Application of hard-/software simulators of connectable information systems in process of development and testing of integrated subsurface observation systems


Key requirements to the design of hard-/software simulators of connectable information systems in integrated subsurface observation systems are formulated.

Keywords: subsurface observation systems, integrated information systems, hard-/software simulators.



Akhremchik O. L. Sensor description in computer-aided design of process control systems


A way to structure sensorís properties as various dimension spaces in data and knowledge bases of process control CAD systems is offered.

Keywords: system description, sensorís properties, CAD, various dimension spaces.



Bagrintsev D. Yu., Sannikov D. P. A photoelectric sensor for twisted wire length measurement


A photo sensor for digital measurement of twisted wire length is offered. The sensor consists of 2 photo detectors placed at fixed distance from each other whose output signals are processed using correlation techniques.

Keywords: photo sensors, length meters, correlation measurements, moving objectís length measurement.



Vladimirov V. A., Porshnev S. V., Friedman I. S. The problems of processing and use of process information collected by gas-compressor unitsí control system


The paper briefly describes the hierarchical information and control system for gas transfer plants and its gas-compressor unitsí control subsystem developed by Electronic and Information Systems Scientific and Production Company. The problems of historical data processing and use are discussed.

Keywords: information and control system, gas-compressor unit, gas-main pipeline, automatic control system, variable-rate sampling, diagnostic engineering.



Andrienko A. Ya., Tropova E. I., Chadaev A. I. The analysis of thermalphysic factors of operational malfunctions in liquid-propellant carrier rocketís level sensors


The paper discusses the computer simulation results of the dynamics of thermalphysic distribution of gas parameters inside the fuel level meter along the fuel tank height. The effect on possible abnormalities in fuel level meters operation in R-7 space rocket is evaluated.

Keywords: level sensors of liquid-propellant carrier rockets, operational malfunctions, thermalphysic gas parameters.



Igaeva M. A., Habarov A. V. The detection of overhead power lines per their induced electric field


The results of theoretical and experimental research of electric field induced by high-voltage power lines at the distances up to 100 m are presented. The performance data of the developed power line detector are included.

Keywords: power line detection, induced electric field.



Stuchebnikov V. M. MIDA pressure sensors for commercial energy measurements


MISA Series pressure sensors developed by MIDA Industrial Group are presented, their featured properties and performance attributes are discussed.

Keywords: pressure sensor, temperature error reduction, digital signal processing.



Kuznetsov A. V. SDV Series microprocessor-based pressure transducers


SDV Series small-size industrial pressure transducers are overviewed. Their features and performance data are examined.

Keywords: small-size analog pressure transducer, communicator tuning, error correction with microprocessor.



Vikas A., Pundir C. S. Biosensors: Future analytical tools


Biosensors offer considerable promises for attaining the analytical information in a faster, simpler, and cheaper manner compared to conventional assays. Biosensing approach is rapidly advancing and applications ranging from metabolite, biological/chemical warfare agent, food pathogens, and adulterant detection to genetic screening and programmed drug delivery have been demonstrated. Innovative efforts, coupling micromachining and nanofabrication lead to even more powerful devices that would accelerate the realization of large-scale and routine screening, With gradual increase in commercialization, a wide range of new biosensors are thus expected to reach the market in the coming years.

Keywords: electrode, transducers, genetic screening, food analysis, bioterrorism, environment monitoring.

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