Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 5, May 2009 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Protalinsky O. M., Azhmukhamedov I. M. Information security of universityís corporate network


The specificity of information security provision in a university is examined. Potential threats are analyzed, their sources and risks are evaluated. Information protection borders and the structure of an integrated information security system are discussed.

Keywords: information security, university, security threats, information protection.



Kvyatkovskaya I. Yu. Control system for a regional transport cluster


The paper discusses the problem of information infrastructure development for a regional transport cluster allowing to come nearer to the creation of specific technological parameters of information control systems for regional economy subjects. Some aspects of information field development related with the genesis of cluster lifecycle are examined.

Keywords: cluster, information field, megaoperator, control system.



Khanova A. A., Grigorieva I. O. Application of simulation technique for evaluating the logistics quality of a cargo port


An opportunity of raising management decisions efficiency for cargo port operation improvement is examined. A simulation model of cargo port operation allowing to evaluate optimal parameters of the use of resources and transacts entry is described. Simulation experiment results are included.

Keywords: management decisions, logistics quality, fuzzy logic tools, membership function, logistics quality indicators, simulation.



Melínikov A. V., Sysoev S. V. Elements and devices of modern fishing control systems


The requirements to the bottom level devices of a fishing control system are formulated. The featured properties and operational performance of various sensors used in hydrooptical and hydrodynamic measurements are considered.

Keywords: fishing control systems, hardware, operational performance.



Romanenko N. G., Tkalí S. V. Distance sensors for freight handling from a drilling platform onto a vessel at heavy sea


The selection of distance sensors for a freight handling system from a drilling platform onto a vessel is discussed. Functional solutions and circuitry are offered based on the analysis of various type sensors from different vendors.

Keywords: bumpless freight handling, ultrasonic position sensors.



Nadeev A. I., Nadeev M. A., Maníkov V. Yu., Zharkov M. V. Multiple-factor testing of magnetostrictive transducers


The paper analyzes multiple-factor testing of magnetostrictive displacement transducers with ferromagnetic wire waveguide magnetostrictive excitation and reading of ultrasonic waves.

Keywords: magnetostrictive sensors, multiple-factor experiment, mathematical model.



Artemiev E. A. Magnetostrictive transducer of oil productsí parameters in tanks


The paper describes a magnetostrictive transducer of temperature, level and weight of oil products in tanks. It shows that temperature gradients along tank height and product level do not effect the measurement accuracy.

Keywords: oil products, tank, magnetostrictive level meters, average temperature, magnetostrictive transducer of oil product parameters.



Pokusaev M. N., Yunitsky V. A. Wireless strain gage metering


A wireless sensor for torsional vibrations monitoring system at vessels is discussed. Functional principle of the sensor is presented, Bluetooth protocol for measurement data communication is described.

Keywords: wireless data transmission, frequency hop technique, Bluetooth interface.



Shurshev V. F., Abzalov A. V. Pre-emergencies identification at an ammonia refrigeration unit


A system for pre-emergency recognition and decision making support at ammonia refrigeration units is described. The system is a stand-alone software module installed on the process control system.

Keywords: anti-wreck protection, pre-emergency, identification, expert judgments, SCADA system.



Protalinsky O. M., Litovka Yu. V., Pashkevich A. A. Optimal control system for a galvanic bath with nonconductive screen


A process control system for electric plating in an electrolytic cell with nonconductive screen is described.

Keywords: electroplating, plating nonuniformity, non-conductive screen, optimal shape.



Kabylbekova V. V., Kulakhmetov R. F., Nadeev A. I. Fuzzy control systems for thyristor electric drives


Design concepts of a fuzzy logic-based control system for a twin-engine thyristor D.C. electric drive of a drilling unit.

Keywords: fuzzy logic, control, synthesis, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox.



Belov S. V., Popov G. A. Estimation of protection objectís observability by TV cameras


A complete set of efficiency indices for TV cameras application is formulated. Observability estimators for various objectís points under simultaneous application of several cameras are included.

Keywords: supervision system, TV camera, observability, estimator.



Sorokin A. A., Dmitriev V. N. Distributed monitoring systems based on RF sensors


The paper compares various designs of RF sensor-based monitoring systems.

Keywords: wireless sensor networks, topology, routing.



Nguyen D. C., Nguyen V. D. P., Lubenko V. N. Mobile welding set control using a distance sensor


Investigation results of control systems for a mobile two-wheel robot made in Vietnam for shipbuilding are presented. PID control law is applied that enabled the development of a system model and control algorithms for robotís welding torch motion along a curved path with constant arc length and stable speed.

Keywords: control system, welding robot, distance sensor, simulation.



Dreyzin V. E., Bondarí O. G., Ovsiannikov Yu. A., et al. Eliminating the influence of ambient temperature variations in thermoelectric vacuum gauge


A new way of ambient gas temperature compensation in a thermoelectric vacuum transducer by heating the sensing element up to 2 fixed temperatures is proposed. The vacuum gauge circuit is described.

Keywords: vacuum metering, thermoelectric method, temperature error, heat-transfer factor, electronic blockís circuit.



Pogorelov M. G., Shvedov A. P., Malyutin D. M. Moving object orientation system based on magnetic sensors


A magnetometric-type system for evaluating orientation parameters using external information about course angle, coordinates, and inclination of a moving object is described. The system enables unambiguous measurement of pitch and bank angles based on the readings of 2 or 3 magnetic sensors.

Keywords: aircraft, orientation system, course, magnetometric sensors, bank, pitch.



Bityukov V. K., Tihomirov S. G., Hvostov A. A., Enyutin A. Yu. Compensating-reverberation method for ultrasonic inspection of viscoelastic behavior of polymer solutions


The paper proposes a method enabling the compensation of the influence of piezoelectric transducersí frequency response curve and echo signal on the quantities measured during the ultrasonic inspection of viscoelastic behavior of polymer solutions in a wide frequency range.

Keywords: nondestructive inspection, ultrasonic transducer, acoustic technique, viscoelastic behavior, polymer solution.



Gazizov A. A., Kanareikin V. I., Maksutov A. D., Sapelínikov V. M. Experimental investigation of a functional DAC


A full-scale experiment with simulation elements of a functional DAC with spline approximation is discussed.

Keywords: functional DAC, LabVIEW simulation, virtual instrument.



Raspopov V. Ya., Yershov R. V. Solid-state wave gyroscopes with ring resonator


The paper describes the operation principles of solid-state wave gyroscopes (SWG) with ring resonator (RR), the features of RR dynamics and SWG functional electronics. The design features of SWG with RR as a micromechanical and integrated system are discussed. SWG performance attributes are presented. The principal sources of measurement errors are indicated.

Keywords: solid-state wave gyroscope, ring resonator, standing wave precession, oscillation mode, point-to-point excitation, parametric excitation, source of inaccuracy

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